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Death in Whitby

Ever thought about how you would prefer the moment of your death to happen? Would you want to go like Butch and Sundance - into that hail of Bolivian bullets? Or like Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy, your body just giving out in a long slow sigh?
I guess what you want is dignity. The Romans and I guess most warrior civilizations wrote of a "glorious" death, but death with dignity is probably the more appropriate goal in this day and age.

Dying in Whitby wouldn't be very dignified. Especially if death came in the form of a pudgy hoser driving a GM truck drinking a tim horton's coffee. Hmmm... pudgy hoser or grim reaper, pudgy hoser or grim reaper... yeah, give me the grim reaper anyday.

Thinking that dying on my bike in Whitby would be the worst way I could possibly leave this life, I've given up biking for the Durham part of my commute. I'm now biking through Toronto to the Go Station, leaving the bike locked at the station, riding the train to Ajax, and getti…

the right to bear arms or arm bears, whatever the hell I want to do...

Here are a couple things that a friend and my brother sent me.

From my brother, a "Bill Of Rights For Future Generations" which apparently came from Adbusters back in 2004. Thanks Matt!

We, the people of the future, like the twenty thousand generations who came before us, have the right to breathe air that smells sweet, to drink water that runs pure and free, to swim in waters that teem with life, and to grow our food in rich, living earth.

We have the right to inherit a world unsullied by toxic chemicals, nuclear waste, or genetic pollution. We have the right to walk in untamed nature and to feel the awe that comes when we suddenly lock eyes with a wild breast.

We beseech you, the people of today: do not leave your dirty messes for us to clean up; do not take technological risks, however small, that may backfire catastrophically in times to come. Just as we respectfully ask that you not burden us with your deferred debts and depleted pension plans, we also claim our right to a …

listening to the moonlight sonata

I'm basically snowed under at work and working lots of overtime so I won't be blogging very much this month.
Here are some quick notes:
The biggest flock of geese I've seen so far this fall/winter was headed northwest!. Holy jumping, it's 10 degrees celsius today, and will be 12 degrees tomorrow. As nice as this is for my commute, this is nuts.

The cycling petition is currently in paper form at the Toronto MEC store, and should soon be at the Winnipeg and Edmonton stores. It should also be at the Toronto Grassroots stores. We're trying to get paper versions of the petition signed through January and February, with the hand off to Olivia Chow happening in March.

And for a nice visual treat to look at each time you log on and see that I haven't updated yet, this is from the astronomy picture of the day. This picture is of the remnants of a star that exploded 10 000 years ago. The tail end of which (this pictured end) has been nicknamed "The Witch's Broom.&qu…