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Barefoot gypsy

I don't really want to talk about the Tour de France. I just hope they test everyone and whittle the field down to the five or six (out of 180) riders who are actually clean, and then let them race for the title.

And though I find myself more or less bitter and angry all the time now when I'm cycling through Durham (or Mordor) I don't really want to talk about that either.

Instead I thought I'd just give you this Van Morrison classic from the Band's farewell movie, filmed by Scorsese, called The Last Waltz.

Apparently Morrison agreed to be one of the performers, but he hadn't been live on stage for years, and had been suffering from stage fright. Almost up to the second before he stepped on stage, no one knew whether or not he was going to perform (he'd been having panic attacks and kept disappearing from the building). And then when he does show up, he's wearing this purple jumpsuit.

Van Morrison in a purple jumpsuit playing live with the Band in 1978?

Google Image Search Confusion

This is driving me crazy, and I'm just wondering if any tech-saavy readers out there can tell me what is going on.
A little while back on my veggie blog, in this post to be exact, I used a picture from the Indianapolis Zoo website. I immediately started getting weird hits on my Statcounter, and they annoyed me so much that I eventually removed the picture and the link which I had put up to the Indy Zoo showing where I got the picture from.
BUT - I'm still getting these weird hits (see below).

It looks like people all over the world are going to the google image search, typing in a specific URL for the photograph I'd used, and seeing what websites had used it.

What I don't understand are these things a) Why would I be getting these kind of hits from all over the world? In the last 24 hours people in South Africa, the U.K., Australia, Canada and the U.S. have done this search.

b) Why is my blog still showing up on their results when I've removed the picture and the link?


Say it ain't so, Vino

Oh. My. God.

And Rasmussen is dodging doping accusations.

And the Astana withdrawl means Kloden is gone.

Stupid tour.

This comic is from Married to the Sea - which I just discovered recently. Pretty funny stuff.

Build your own religion

Newsweek has a section this week titled Back from the Dead about new emergency room treatments which are greatly improving the ability of doctors to revive patients from sudden cardiac arrest. I'll let you read the article for the medical/science aspects, but here is what I found interesting:

We experience consciousness embedded in time, a succession of mental states continually re-created in our brains, even during sleep. But when the brain shuts down, where does the mind go?

For example - you've been declared dead, your cells and synapses are no longer active, your brain doesn't work. But then science brings you back, and brings back your mind and memory as well. While you were dead - while your brain was not working - where was your mind?

In other news:
My sister sent me this link to the Ministry of Natural Resources Go Green website. It's okay - you can generate a map of your hometown showing climate predictions for 20 to 50 years in the future.

P.S. - Regarding climate…

Puppies at the Tour

I cannot wait to see No End in Sight. I think they skip over the reasons for going to war, and focus instead on the (mis)management of the war. Looks great.

Somebody let their dog wander across the road at the Tour de France yesterday. The video is on Versus if you want to take a look.

After a couple other riders managed to swerve around him, Marcus Burghardt ended up hitting the poor guy.

Luckily the dog (as far as we can see in the video) was totally unhurt, but Burghardt's carbon wheel totally crumpled with the collision. My guess is that Burghardt hit him at about 25 to 30 km/hour - and the dog won.

Despite Vinokourov basically being finished, I'm loving the Tour. It's totally wide open - any one of about 5 guys could win it, and I think it'd be a hoot for there to be five guys within 20 or 30 seconds of each other for that last ride into Paris to the Champs-Elysees - watch them go ballistic through the streets of Paris to try and win on the last day.

Falling off mountains

So I think this was Stage 8 yesterday when the riders were blazing their way down a mountain. If you just look at the pictures this is kind of funny, but if you really get into the heads of the two riders it's heartbreaking.

Anyway, Michael Rogers and David Arroyo are hurtling down a mountain. Arroyo goes into the barrier and and flies off his bike into the bush. Rogers hits him and falls to the pavement as Arroyo climbs through the bush to get back up to the road.

Now that I think of it - seems strange that Arroyo's feet came unclipped and off the pedals so easily. I doubt he had time to unclip his feet, and he obviously flew WAY over the barrier which he probably wouldn't have done if he'd still been hooked into the bike.

From the Daily Telegraph - Then came a sickening crash yesterday as [Rogers] followed the Caisse d'Epargne rider, David Arroyo, down the beautiful but horrifying descent of Cormet de Roseland at speeds of up to 65mph. Arroyo lost control and went h…


I can't believe what happened to the Astana team at the Tour yesterday. They have two of the favourites to win the whole thing - Vinokourov and Kloeden - and they BOTH took spills yesterday and banged themselves up badly.

Kloeden - who isn't necessarily a "star" rider, but who is totally solid and who I like - fractured his tailbone and I seriously doubt he'll finish the tour. And Vino has stitches on his knees and will have scabs all over his butt after his chain snapped on him sending him off the bike.

Christ. Vino must be p.i.s.s.e.d.. He's like 33 now (which is the upper limit for cyclists who think they can win the Tour). Last year he couldn't race the Tour because the rest of his team got kicked out for doping, and this year - with Ullrich retiring and Basso out for drugs - he must have totally thought this was finally his big chance. I hope he pulls it together and gets angry on a mountain somewhere. That would rock.

Today is Friday the 13th. I don…

Last mention of singlespeeds

I know you're all bored of hearing me talk about singlespeeds. I'm bored of it as well, and I promise this will be the last time I do it. I've spent way too much money this summer on bikes (mainly the new Jamis, but also three new wheels and a bunch of parts and tools), and I'm also tired of playing around with bikes.

However ~ a while back I mentioned that I was addicted to surfing the bikes section of Craigslist looking for a cheap steel roadbike that I could turn into a cyclocross singlespeed to leave at my parents' place in Bancroft. A Toronto cyclist named Geoffrey, who's a far more avid cyclist than I am, emailed me and kindly offered me a steel frame that wasn't quite the right size for him.

And this is it. Geoffrey gave me a frame, fork, handlebars, brakes, cranks and chainrings. I put on the wheels, seat, chain, rear cog etc. It's set up with a 40 tooth ring on the front, and a 15 tooth cog on the back. This is a lower gear than my other two sing…

demagoguery and fear

I wish I'd had my camera today when I left the Whitby Go Station and went over the 401 on the bridge on Henry Street. There's tons of construction near this part of the 401 and the traffic was at a dead standstill heading into the city. Would have made a nice photo for a cycling blog.

Today's stage of the Tour is 236km long. 236. And that's just one day. They'll be doing this for an entire month!

Here's Newsweek's take on why Bush gave Scooter his "get out of jail free" card.
Apparently Bush asked White House Counsel Fred Fielding to try and find something wrong with the jury's guilty verdict, in order to make Bush's life easier when he gave Libby his pardon. BUT - Fielding reluctantly concluded that the jury had reached a reasonable verdict: the evidence was strong that Libby testified falsely about his role in the leak.
So Bush gave Libby his pardon anyway.

In case you missed it I'm posting here the New York Times editorial from July 8 ti…

and all this by the grace of your hand

I've been a wee bit busy, but here are a couple things:

It has become apparent that when the weather guy on 680 news mentions "unsettled weather" or "scattered showers" it means that I'm getting soaked somewhere on my bike.

I don't really know what to think about the Live Earth stuff. Raising awareness is great, but isn't the climate change story already out there? Do we need Cher and Coldplay to tell us that the earth is dying?

And these are the pledges?

I'm sure they'll help, but if Gore really wanted to get tough, he would have said "write your MPP and demand an increase in the gasoline tax" and "Go Vegetarian."

What else? Hmmm. My review of my 2006 Jamis Nova is on road bike review. Mine is the one written on July 3rd.

The Tour is on! The tour!

Go Vino!!

Have a great weekend! For part of it I'll be here!

rabid and irresponsible corner of the republican party


I've never heard of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC before, but man, I'm impressed. This is the most searing "j'accuse" of the bush white house that I've ever seen. The video is ten minutes long, but it is totally worth it. At least hang on to around the 5:00 minute mark when Olbermann starts his "I accuse you of..." speech.