Friday, October 26, 2007

An Orillia roundup

Before I forget, here's my new theory - your sense of outrage with the world has a direct correlation to how much time you have to read and follow current events. I haven't been following the news as much as I used to, and therefore I don't know what Bush and Cheney etc are doing, so I don't have much opportunity to be outraged. I guess this is a variation on "ignorance is bliss."

Here's a glimpse at the life of a cyclist in Orillia, Ontario - my new hometown. There's a nice biking trail down along Lake Couchiching, which runs parallel to a gravel hiking trail. Otherwise I haven't seen any bike lanes on the city streets at all.

Velocity is my new bike shop. My girlfriend and I went in there our very first day in town when we were apartment hunting and they gave us the scoop about which neighborhoods to avoid etc. I've bought an armadillo from them, and a Pedro's mini-cleaning kit. I'm hoping to do their Tuesday morning rides with them in the summer (on my Cannondale single-speed!)

The day I was walking around town (a plus 20 degree celsius day at the end of October in central Ontario!) I caught these two going by, the rear cyclist hauling a trailer.

These are the only bike parking posts I've seen in town. They're beside the big A&P down near the lake (an A&P is a supermarket). There aren't any on main street, nor are there any near the Lakehead University campus (where I work). I doubt I'll be lucky enough that Orillia works like Toronto - i.e. you call up the city, say "I need a post at X and Y streets, and it gets done." I have so many things to check up on - city bylaws about how much of the lane I'm allowed to take up, bike posts etc. So many things to do in my new town.
The last photo is just a sneaky shot of the lake through some autumn trees. I gotta say, I dig autumn. The hot weather is worrisome, but in general me and the leaves are grooving together pretty well.

And finally, No Impact Man found my blog and linked to me recently, and the day he did, my hits went up to 599, from a usual average of about 110 per day.


Tanya said...

I've never heard of municipal bylaws restricting where a cyclist can ride in the lane. So how are you liking biking in Orillia?

Revrunner said...

Hey, Tuco. Thanks for sharing pics
of your new digs.

By the way, my URL has changed again. Same ol' physical address, just a new URL:

Geggie said...

I, too, found your blog from No Impact Man. I'm looking forward to exploring. And I love the polar bear/dog photos and story!

Darren J said...

The photos of the trail and the lake look idyllic. The whole are north of Barrie has a lot to offer. You just need to make sure the developers don't get their way. Did you see the article in the Star last week, mainly about Barrie?

Toronto does have a good bike parking program.

mandolin said...

I've been lurking around your blog for a while now, and just wanted to give a thanks for the link to No Impact Man -- I had no idea. I've been overwhelmed by thoughts of how to reduce my impact and stumbling upon his website is inspiring. And, I've been searching for a new book to read but his blog archives will keep my busy for a few days. :)