Monday, July 07, 2008

mariposa folk festival

Holy Cow, I have not been blogging very much. I do have some very valid reasons however... getting married in September, bought a house and moving in on July 31..
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pretty busy at work, and busy with the trails for life committee that I'm on in Orillia, specifically helping write a report on Active Transportation that we're going to send to city council. I'll be drawing on some material from my active transportation articles for the report (mainly the calamitous health effects of automobile exhaust from article 2).
Enjoying the first "summery" thing I've done this year, we spent the weekend at the Mariposa Folk Festival. The festival is in Orillia, and we spent the weekend cycling from our house in the north part of the city, along the lake, to Tudhope Park where the festival is situated, mainly on that northward point of land which means that when you're walking around the festival there is water all around you.
My God, it was a gorgeous weekend, with crystal clear blue skies from Friday to Sunday, and amazing music no matter what stage you plunked yourself down at.
I even ran into a guy I worked with around 2000 at Indigo Books in Toronto. I remember him being a full-on cyclist back when I knew him (when he closed the store at midnight he used to just fly around the city on his bike on the nighttime streets, enjoying having the streets to himself). Turns out he'd cycled up from Toronto to Orillia (not sure how far that is... but at least 120kim). Now this is obviously very doable, and every guy doing Sunday rides with his buddies probably does this... but my co-worker was carrying gear to camp for three nights... that ups the difficulty a bit.
Anyway, it was a great weekend, and for me the highlights include the following:
Seeing Joel Plaskett about three times, and finally understanding why he's taking the Canadian music world by storm (he performed Natural Disaster so powerfully at one point, that it left your heart in your throat)....
Seeing Jory Nash, J.P. Cormier, Pavlo, and Dala do a Gordon Lightfoot tribute set. Jory Nash is a great storyteller, and despite not having a powerful voice, he gets a lot of soul into his singing. Dala was great as well, but what was really wicked was hearing Cormier and Pavlo play together. Pavlo is a spanish guitarist, and Cormier is an eastcoast maritime player. Pavlo took some Lightfoot songs and played them acoustically with no vocal, and he'd nod at Cormier and the two of them would improvise long, amazing guitar riffs with each other.
And for a final note, it was really a revelation to discover Dala - two girls from Scarborough who have amazingly ethereal vocals, and a great sense of humour. I must have seen them perform with J.P. Cormier twice, because it wouldn't have been the Lightfoot set when they did a Neil Young cover, and when they finished, and their voices were still drifting over the crowd, Cormier said "I think I just saw God...... Jesus..... I hate crying during a set" (he was kind of joking, but still...).

Anyway - after a lot of lame weather, I think I finally feel like summer is here. Hope everyone is doing well out there in blogland!

P.S. did a lot of night cycling this weekend, and for anyone who rides at night the Firefly Supernovas from Road I.D. are awesome. I had one velcroed around my ankle, and we stuck one onto Anna's backpack, and just with these two you are so lit up that you look like a city maintenance truck with all its warning and hazard lights going.

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