Thursday, September 18, 2008

who's gonna take the weight?

As is my usual pattern, in September when the students come back I have very little time for blogging.

But - here's the important thing - Orillia had its first ever bike rally!

Up to the last minute, we weren't sure what kind of turn out to expect. Through word of mouth, all of the serious cyclists in the area knew about the event, but how many "people with a bike in the garage" folks would come out, we weren't sure. In the end we had 100 people do an easy 10km loop through the city. Much to my relief, no one got hit by a car and the first bike rally wasn't marred by an accident.


I think it was a nice bit of bike activism, and we even had two federal political candidates do the ride (conservative and green party). Hopefully the rally, and an upcoming report on active transportation, will spur some movement in this town.


I didn't start work until 11:00a.m. today, so I did that ride I was doing in the summer, out to a town called Hawkestone and back. Beautiful morning to be on a cross bike on some trails.


mike said...

i had to be out of town on the day of the ride... sorry i missed it... i'm new to Orillia, would have been great to meet some riders... hopefully we'll continue to see some development for bikes... i moved from KW... bike lanes/trails all over the place

Snakebite said...

Congrats on the bike rally!!!


hellow from catalonia ... you have a good blog !!!

salut i freebike