Saturday, March 28, 2009

Orillia millennium trail

In Orillia we have the Millenium Trail which runs for about 10km along the shore of Lake Couchiching.

One annoying quirk of the trail is that right about where the 3 is in the above map, the trail is dissected by a boat launch. In the photo below, which is looking west to east towards the lake, the launch is just out of sight behind the clump of trees on the right, and behind the little monkeybars / playarea that you can kind of see behind the trees.


The photo below shows.. on the right side... Centennial Drive, which is the road that runs north/south along part of the lake... currently the Millennium Trail is further to the right of Centennial Drive, along the lake. There is now a proposal to move the bike trail in this area away from the lake and put it (i.e with a marked bike lane) right on Centennial Drive... getting cyclists away from the boat launch.


What you're also seeing in the picture above - the wide dirt strip in the center/left - is the railbed for the trainlines that used to go through the area. Now it is used for nothing except parking for all the fishermen who leave their pickup trucks and boat trailers here when they're out on the lake with their boats. There is also a proposal to take over this railbed for the use of a "fast track" bike trail, to get cyclists through this problem area quickly.


And this last photo is the Millennium Trail as it leaves the lake and starts cutting north through town. Still too much snow for your road bike.

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Anonymous said...

Oriilia City Council has yet to realize the difference between dedicated bike paths for transportation and mixing bikes, pedstrians,dogs,baby-carriages skate boards etc on a recreational multi-use trail. It's simply not in their thinking and is another 20years down the road.