Tuesday, April 07, 2009

snowstorm - before & after

Spring seemed to be coming. Saturday up here in central Ontario was a bit rough, but Sunday was gorgeous and my wife was cleaning up the yard and starting to develop gardening plans.

We had the cats out in the backyard and I took some photographs... unfortunately none that show the backyard in full. This one will at least give you an idea of how all the snow was starting to leave.

(P.S. if you click on the pictures you'll be taken over to Flickr, where you can see larger versions).
And - yes - my cat is on a leash. We're kind of geeky about our cats, and we're hesitant to let them wander all over town... but at the same time feel bad keeping them inside all the time. So, since we have quite a long backyard with a clothesline that runs the whole way down the yard, we tie the boys to the clothesline with a leash, and let them play back there.

Anyway - on Monday the snow came, and this is what the backyard looked like this morning.

The forecast was for 15 to 25cm of snow yesterday. We got the 15 easily, though I don't think we got more than 20cm. My wife and I had to shovel the driveway last night, and I had to do it again this morning. Man - I hope we're getting close to the end of this craziness - I'm starting to get cycling fever.

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Lookr said...

I measured. It was 23 cm.