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The places your Jamis will go

I was recently told about a trail that runs from the end of Carlyon Line (which is north of Orillia) up to the Trent Severn waterway. Thinking it'd be fun to explore, I took a ride up it this morning with my Jamis Nova cross bike.

For any Orillia area cyclists who think they might want to try this, the above map shows where you're going. It was fine on a cross bike, but it'd be better on a mountain bike. It's about 20 km one way to the Trent-Severn waterway (from the end of Carlyon Line).

And before I get to the photos, here's a short video taken on the trail:

From the beginning to the end of the ride, here are some photos from the day's ride (if you click on the photos, you'll be taken to enlarged versions over on Flickr):

A river wandering through farmland on my journey north out of town.

Looking south and taking a picture of Carlyon Line.

Marsh about halfway up the trail to the waterway.

Liftlock on the Trent Severn - also the end of my trip. This is looking w…