Monday, October 24, 2016

Bicycle Lights Review

I just bought and installed a MonkeyLight, and thought I'd do a post and mini-review about the various lights I run on my bicycle.

We all have a box in our garage or basement, full of those mediocore lights we bought at MEC or REI etc, and which got us through several years of cycling, but there is some really good stuff on the market these days, and which I show in the video below.

First, here's what is in the video:

Front Wheel
MonkeyLight : M210
Just bought this one, and really my first look at it was in the quick little zips back and forth in the video below. I need to try more of the patterns to really get a handle on this light, and it'd actually help to see someone else ride my bike and be able to watch from the side of the road.

Red Light at Back
Lezyne Strip Drive Pro (Rear)
This is an expensive light, but with the one setting being a 100 lumens, this is a brilliantly gorgeous light. I bought it as a rear day-time running light, and have started to notice how often, on a country road, you're riding through shadows under the shade of trees, and how much safer I feel having a brilliant light flashing out behind me.

On left hand and on helmet
Road ID Supernova
I've had several of these, for quite a while now. I love them, although my newest one (a green one not shown in this video) is kind of glitchy and a nuisance.
Anyway, I buy them with the velcro strap, which is how I fastened the one into my helmet, and how I have the other one wrapped around my fist... which is additionally handy when I'm signalling with that hand.  Anyway, tiny little lights, that can fasten to you or your bike in many different ways, and are really impressively bright.

And here's the video, shot in late October 2016, narrated by my 6 year old.