Monday, December 12, 2016

Veo Strips

A gentleman from Veo Strips contacted me in the summer, and asked if I wanted to try out this new product. It seemed a bit intriguing, so I said sure, and it's taken me until December to really give them a try!

So... first... what's a Veo Strip?!
Take a look at the picture below. It's a solution for the sweat that pours into your eyes when you're riding a bike - either on the road, or on a trainer. The sweat drips into the VeoStrip, and the strip diverts it towards your ears and away from your eyes.

My review below is based on using it during an intense indoor trainer workout on Zwift.

Picture taken from the Veo Strip website.

My review
Basically - it worked!

Generally when I ride on my trainer, I use an old-school sweatband, and fairly frequently take the headband off, towel off my head and face, and then put the sweatband back on and keep riding. That works, but the sweatband gets completely soaked, and eventually you just can't use it anymore... and depending on how long you're planning to stay on your bike, you ride without it and have to towel off your head more frequently.

The VeoStrip seemed to be a good alternative to my sweatband and towel approach.

First, it's easy to put on, it stays on nicely as you ride, and then it is easy to take off.

As far as how it felt while riding... well... I didn't really notice it. Nor did I really notice where the sweat was going. Both good things.

I didn't use a towel once during my ride. I guess the urge to grab the towel and wipe off my face and head only arises when the sweat is dripping into my eyes. The sweat must have been trickling down my cheeks and eventually from my chin to the floor, but I honestly didn't notice what was going on. Wherever the sweat was going, it was somewhere better than into my eyes.

My hunch on how it'd work on a hot summer road ride?
I haven't been doing much of this kind of riding for a while now. But I think you'd totally forget that it was on your forehead, and that the only time it was brought to your attention was when the guys in your group teased you about wearing the thing. But... they'd have sweat in their eyes, and you wouldn't , so screw them!