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little bit scared of what comes after

I've never really been into the daily carnage stuff out of New York and Toronto - sure it proves the point that driving is dangerous as hell, but it does so in a fairly morbid way.
Having said that, I'm about to do exactly the same thing! : 0

Some friends from Toronto drove up to Orillia this weekend for our book club meeting. This was incredibly kind of them, and Annalise and I really appreciated that they'd drive up and stay with us overnight in our new city, but then they got caught in the middle of the massive pileup on the 400 on Sunday afternoon.

They were all okay, no major injuries, but Mark's car was totalled, and they basically spent all of Sunday sitting on a Greyhound bus on the 400, and after leaving our place at 11:00 a.m., they didn't get home until 7:00 or 8:00 p.m.

If you've checked this blog often enough, you'll know that I don't like driving and the automobile whatsoever, but I do have to admit that since we've designed our cities the…

Why can't i draw right up to what I want to say...

After helping organize that petition last year which asked the Canadian federal government to promote cycling as a preferred means of transportation, I'm feeling a bit political again and have a couple things I'm working on:

a) I'm thinking about writing a new petition, this one aimed at the provincial Ontario government, asking the province to pressure all towns/cities over a certain population (maybe 20 000?) to have arterial north/south and east/west bike lanes.
Any thoughts on that? "It's a terrible idea because..." or "It'll never work due to..."

b) If you're on Facebook, feel free to join a new group on there titled the Orillia Coalition for Active Transportation (even if you're not an Orillian). Aside from pressuring local politicians to be aware of active transportation benefits and issues, I hope the group will generally foster some discussion on this topic.

After riding my trainer this morning, I did a quick cleaning of the drive-t…

Talkin about the old style

The cool thing about being a librarian is that you basically wade through information all day. Here's something cool I found out leafing through a magazine today.
There is a group called the Sentinelese who - because they have completely resisted contact with modern civilization - are known as the last remaining paleolithic hunter-gatherer group on earth.

They've been in the news most recently when they killed two Indian fishermen who landed on their island, and Indian authorities have so far resisted launching an investigation because they couldn't figure out how to do it.

As well, after the Tsunami in 2004, a few helicopters flew over to see if anyone on the island had survived, and they realized that there were survivors when arrows and spears began being shot at the coptors.

Here is some weird news about the modern world that serves as the introduction to Earth in Mind by David W. Orr.

Male sperm counts worldwide have fallen by 50% since 1938, and no one knows exactly why

Raleigh and how oil kicks off 2008

This summer I wrote about my Dad and his old Raleigh, which he gets quite the kick out of owning just for the novelty value of it. Just before Christmas he was at a garage sale and picked up another old Raleigh, this one for $50.00.

It's a Raleigh Sprite, with a five speed Suntour rear derailleur. I checked the gears and they were working okay, until Dad and I shifted a bit too far and the chain flew off the biggest ring down into the spokes.

As you can see from this photo, it even has a generator and lamp and an old-school horn!

I find it pretty funny that ever since I got into cycling, bikes have woven themselves into my Dad's brain. I like his original blue and white Raleigh a lot more than this one, but I might poke around and see if I can find how much this bike would go for.

Or maybe not! Since oil hit $100.00 / barrel today, and since OPEC is saying that they will not be able to meet their share of oil supply by 2037, maybe I should horde all the bikes i can get my hands o…