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Damned Cyclists

I heard an interesting podcast recently, called the Morality of Cycling.

The podcast was Thinking Allowed, from BBC Radio 4. This is the link to the Morality of Cycling episode. The host of Thinking Allowed is Laurie Taylor, and in this episode he's interviewing a British sociology professor who recently published an article titled The Travelling Citizen: Emergent Discourses of Moral Mobility in a Study of Cycling in London in the April 2012 issue of Sociology.

(Video is at this link)

So, the study involved interviewing people to get their opinions on how "moral" cycling was... i.e. is it better (primarily environmentally) for a person to bike to work, or drive to work etc.

Nearly every single respondent said that yes, the most "moral" way to get to work, or to get around London, was to ride a bicycle.

What's interesting however is that most respondents also said something like "but God I hate cyclists!!!". The reason they had this reaction is…