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How to warp your rear wheel

Well, this is a brand new one for me.

On Friday morning, I left for my nice, mostly scenic, "long" ride to work. I was intending to take it fairly casual, but when I made the left turn shown below, I was coming down a bit of a descent, and had a good bit of speed flowing through my wheels when I hit the gravel.

I ride very heavily loaded... my panniers always crazy heavy, and I never really know how my daily gear always seems to load me down so much.

So... left turn, with too much speed, heavily loaded - AND - just as my front tire was about to enter the gravel, I kind of righted myself on the bike, worried about hitting the gravel at too much of an angle and falling down.

I think, effectively, the "righting" of the bike was similar to putting the wheel in a vice and pushing hard on the top of the wheel, warping it.

I knew immediately something was wrong - but at first just hoped it was the fender or the rack. BUT.. it was the wheel itself rubbing against the chai…