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Broadview Street - autumn or summer?

I'm going to try very hard to submit something to the 2016 CBC Non Fiction Literary Awards this year. I just glanced at the 2015 winners though, and am both intimidated and annoyed by the fact that a well-established writer like Richard Wagamese is entering these contests. Come on Dude! Let the little guys have a shot!

I'm going to write something about cycling in Toronto, and stumbled across this little quirk on Google Street view as I was thinking about what to write. I zoomed in to Broadview Street in Toronto and decided to surf south a bit, and discovered that Google patched together some summer shots and some winter shots for Broadview Street:

565 Broadview

560 Broadview

Both of those screenshots are from Feb 8. And if you surf a wee bit further south on Broadview it's back to summer again! It's like a twilight zone of bleak autumn there at 560 Broadview!!!

Share the Road.... or not?

I'm not sure if this is mentioned elsewhere, but when I first started this blog, I was basically an angry bike commuter. I then morphed into a "puttering away at it" cycling activist in a small city in central Ontario. As part of that work, and the committees I've worked with here, I helped get the Share the Road signs put up. You'll know them, they're all over the place these days (which is itself progress!).

Since I have some history with Share the Road, this research article that just came out in PLOS One is pretty interesting:

Hess, G., & Peterson, M. N. (2015). “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” Signage Communicates U.S. Roadway Rules and Increases Perception of Safety. Plos ONE, 10(8), 1-16.

Yes, unbelievably boring title, but here's the good stuff:

A) THE VERY FIRST LINE = Many of the greatest challenges facing humanity globally can be addressed, in part, by bicycling.

Holy crap. That's a pretty serious first line!