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How we got here

The Toronto Cyclists Union is holding an Advocacy Workshop on Sunday April 13 - 11:00am to 4:00pm in the Toronto City Hall Council Chambers at Queen & Bay.
The Facebook group is here, and the workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how, with the support of the Toronto Cyclists Union, to improve cycling conditions and get more cycling programs that are specifically targeted to your ward."


So it looks like I will be writing three articles on Active Transportation for my local newspaper, and the first one will be a "How we got here" piece - i.e. how did we end up with an automobile dependent society?

Since I'm a fairly biased left wing vegetarian cyclist, I'd be especially interested to hear what the pro-automobile people would say in reply to any claims that I make. Anyway, give it a read and tell me what you think. Take care!


In his 2006 book Lives Per Gallon, Terry Tamminen asks the following hypothetical question – if you had …

For the good of American civilization

Geoffrey left me a comment below the last post about Tommasini bikes. Tommasinis are hand-crafted Italian bikes, that have now set up distribution in the U.S. I guess the love of cycling runs in the Tommasini blood (this is also my surname). I would L.O.V.E. one of those bikes, maybe I should do some research and see if there's a family connection in the not so distant past, maybe they'll give me a free frame!

I'm still doing some background reading to prepare me for three articles on active transportation, and my plan is that the first article will be a "how did we get into this mess?" story about why North America adopted the automobile to the extent that it did.

Part of the answer, apparently, is that people in the 1920's were just freaking insane. Listen to this, from The Automobile Age by James Flink:

Family togetherness was a major benefit anticipated by early proponents of automobility. Next to the church there is no factor in American life that does so m…

Another form of active transportation

I don't really remember how it came up, but I was talking to a co-worker and I started saying "You know, I've owned...." and then I had to pause, trying to remember how many bikes I've owned since I became a full on bike commuter back in about 2001.
The answer, including two bikes which were given to me, is nine (a bunch of them are pictured in this post). I've given a couple away, and sold a couple, and I currently own four bikes (only one of which has gears, the others are singlespeeds).

Now I remember how it came up, I've been helping another co-worker research bikes because she is going to buy this spring, and I was telling the first co-worker that I was living vicariously through Jennelle (who is bike shopping) because spring for me means coming down with bike lust, and I currently have no business whatsoever spending any money on bikes.
Now, if I DID have a spare $1000 bucks for a bike, I think I'd have to find a shop that could sell me a Felt F85.…