Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cyclist reflects on death and cows

Although I'm tempted to do a post titled "The Ride's Yucky Bits" where I'd take photos to go along with that post titled "The Ride's Nice Bits," I won't bore you with pictures of downtown Toronto streets and Highway 7.
Instead, this morning I took a couple photos of other things I like on the ride. This one I call "Sunrise - Cows grazing with Power Lines in the Distance." (P.S. If you click on a picture you get it full size).

Every morning (that I do the full ride), I find it disturbingly ironic that, right before I begin the most dangerous part of the ride, when I turn onto Highway 7, I pass this nice little graveyard.

I kind of take it as my warning to keep my concentration level high on my "10 cm of life."

And this is my favourite gravemarker in this cemetary. All the other ones are pretty large gravestones, and then there's this little white cross.

It's fairly new, only 4 years old, and I wonder about the woman who's buried there, and the people who chose the white cross. Was it all they could afford, or did they decide that the cross itself said all it needed to say? Helen Disney-Brohm, July 17, 1956 - December 25, 2002. Cheers, Helen.

This is a picture of the UOIT Library. Right in front of the library there's a long rectangular reflecting pool, which you can't really see. In the winter they're planning to use it as a skating rink. And guess what's below the green field!? Geothermal wells! Lo and behold I end up at a university which is keen on alternative energy systems!

"UOIT uses one of the world's largest geothermal well fields to help heat and cool its buildings. Made up of 384 holes drilled 213 metres (700 feet) into the ground, the sophisticated system takes advantage of the earth's relatively constant temperature to provide a stable, low-maintenance and efficient energy source."


Melissa said...

is that your library? sigh.. it's beautiful

SueJ said...

Interesting that Helen Disney-Brohm died on Christmas (hmmm... in these days of Google, could probably dig out obits and find out mroe of the story - if I break both legs and am stuck sedentar that'll go on my list).

I sometimes turn my commute into a 37-mile return trip, which makes it almost all nice bits 'cause I'm going *around* town.

Trying here to get officials to figure out that a lot of people are ready to ride more - if it were more feasible. They're still entrenched in "no, we can't do that to the roads - the people don't want it." Gonna try to nudge the people...

Claire said...

Awh, I think you should show us the shitty bits of the ride as well as the good parts! Can't appreciate the good without the bad, right?

iNGRiD said...

The wells are key on the tour. I am constantly trying to explain to people what they do as we walk past, and all I get is blank stares and "really?".

Tuco said...

Just FYI, Ingrid's talking about giving a tour at the UOIT campus, and trying to explain the geothermal wells to people!
: )