Friday, July 21, 2006

Floyd Landis (just quick)

Warning... entirely stolen content to follow:

The foolish, but inspiring, risk of Floyd Landis:
Thursday in the Alps of France an American with a bad hip declined to listen to the pleas of his fellow cyclists, the common sense of racing strategists, and the overwhelming odds. Floyd Landis, a 30-year-old bike racer, took on the terrible climb that once cracked bike icon Lance Armstrong and left everyone in the dust in the Tour de France.

Landis doesn't have the leader's yellow jersey — but he's in position and is considered the favorite heading into the Saturday time trials. This is an improvement over what he was on Wednesday, which was finished, done, and utterly out of contention.

In what many considered a suicidal risk, Landis took it out on one of the steepest stages of the day. He was quickly alone — no one wanted to follow him on such a crazy, exhausting dash — and then, against the odds, he held everyone off, won the stage, gained back the time he had lost, and is now just seconds away from first place.

"I admit I said it was absolutely and utterly impossible,'' Tour commentator and former rider Paul Sherwen said afterwards. "And I am proud to be wrong.''

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Melissa said...

i love this inspiring kind of bullshit. :D

Rebecca said...

Hi Tuco!
Cool blog!
The Perimeter Ride is a ride around the perimeter of the city of Chicago. It travels about 100 miles in 15 hours, at a slow pace with frequent stops.

Anonymous said...

Landis totally rocked this stage! it was completely insane! although, i was really hoping that sastre would get yellow. glad to see csc do a comeback though! did u hear about ulrich?

-hillcimbing, from friendster :P