Monday, July 24, 2006

Kingston Road

I've been getting bored with my route, especially because it goes so far to the north to avoid sprawlurbia, so today I tried out a new and fairly direct route which I've been so far avoiding.

Old Highway 2, also known as Kingston Road, basically runs parallel to the 401 through the southern part of sprawlurbia. I've been avoiding it because I generally think of it as a "let's kill cyclists" highway, but I didn't really care this morning so I gave it a go.
To my complete surprise, it was a piece of cake. There's hardly any traffic going OUT of Toronto at 6:00a.m., so I basically had a lane to myself. It also cut about 10km and 15 minutes off the commute. AND, as a bonus, I found a toonie as I rolled into a red light at an intersection.

FYI - I'm working on a nice George Bush post, but I need to do more research first before I put it out there. In the meantime, here's one of my favourite parodies from JIB JAB. - This Land is Your Land. Bear through the 30second commercial and enjoy!

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Melissa said...

yay for new routes that are pleasant, and for find money, yay! I need to find me some money now, excuse me. :)