Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'm not totally crazy. If it's raining when I wake up, I don't do the full ride to Oshawa, I do some combination of bike/Go Train to get to work. Riding long distances through the rain is a really miserable, lonely experience.

Last night on the Weather Network they were saying clear for this morning, and rainy/thunderstorms in the afternoon. So to me, that means bike to work but take the rain pants & coat for the ride through Whitby after work.
And the radio this morning was no help either. I think the word Harold Hossein (sp?), the weather guy on 680 News, used was "unsettled." Unsettled? Hoser. It would have been more informative if he'd said "Chris, this morning about halfway into your ride a rain storm is just going to pound down on your head." That would have been helpful.

So this morning around 6:00a.m., when I was either in east Scarborough or West Pickering (it's hard to tell, it's actually hard to tell where you are all along Highway 2), something like this started happening.

Here's one of those things about cycling that you'd never know until you do lots of it. When you ride a bike, the foamy cushioning pads in your helmet soak up sweat. When you ride in the rain, the rain washes through these pads and brings all that sweat down over your face and on your lips. It's fun stuff.
And I really need to buy fenders for this bike.

Thanks to Oli for fixing up my wheels for me last night.

And I had totally forgot about this site. I used to look at it years ago. Anybody ever visit the Astronomy Picture of the Day?


christine said...

Funny thing I picked up a copy of this book awhile back....I tend buy more books than I read!!!...I dug it out and it seems appropriatre as I get ready to visit the San Diego Zoo this week. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Train safe,

warren said...

I didn't quite get the downpour you got, but cycling in the rain IS a pain.

As for sweat, I have yet to figure a way to keep it out of my eyes.

Melissa said...

now that is what i call pouring rain. that is a beautiful photo. I always wish I knew more about space.

Mary Christine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Yep. Riding in rain and lightening is good stuff. I love the way the rain drips off the helmet. I would actually prefer the rain to the 100 degree heat, so I won't complain too much.

The Bird Man said...

Hey, This is a great blog. Keep up the good work in the fight against global warming.

Karen said...

I find that the environment canada website is more accurate more often than the weather network.

kara said...

canada also has a fantastic climate change/global warming site up as well! i fear this freak weather is only going to become the 'norm' in the future as we continue to warm. we're in a heap o' trouble. :(

and again, this administration seeks to do nothing about the greenhouse gas emissions that americans love to create in our over-consumptive nature.

did i mention that bush should be impeached? ooops. wrong thread. :)

that's a really amazing picture, by the way. thanks for sharing that site!