Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Tour and Newsweek

Here's a quick post until I get some more time:

I just found this on You Tube - it's kind of a Tour de France highlights package, set to a Moby song (same one used in some of the best racing scenes in SeaBiscuit actually).

And Newsweek's Cover Story for July 17 is called "The New Greening of America: From Politics to Lifestyle, Why Saving the Environment is Suddenly Hot."

Here's the first paragraph:

By Jerry Adler

July 17, 2006 issue - One morning last week ... 29 years after president Jimmy Carter declared energy conservation "the moral equivalent of war" ... 37 years after the first reference to the "greenhouse effect" in The New York Times ... one day after oil prices hit a record peak of more than $75 per barrel ... Kelley Howell, a 38-year-old architect, got on her bicycle a little after 5 a.m. and rode 7.9 miles past shopping centers, housing developments and a nature preserve to a bus stop to complete her 24-mile commute to work. Compared with driving in her 2004 Mini Cooper, the 15.8-mile round trip by bicycle conserved approximately three fifths of a gallon of gasoline, subtracting 15 pounds of potential carbon dioxide pollution from the atmosphere (minus the small additional amount she exhaled as a result of her exertion). That's 15 pounds out of 1.7 billion tons of carbon produced annually to fuel all the vehicles in the United States. She concedes that when you look at it that way, it doesn't seem like very much. "But if you're not doing something and the next family isn't doing anything, then who will?"


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Sunshine said...

Hey Tuco,
Thanks for checking out my blog. Wow, cycling from Toronto to Oshawa - that's quite a feat. (Strangely, those are the two cities that I grew up in!) Good luck! I'll be sure to check back again.