Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bike Maintenance and cool T-Shirts

The bad news is that my main commuting bike is in the shop. The good news is that I have two other bikes and can improvise.
Smut's bike (I refer to my commuting bike as "Smut's Bike" because I bought it off my friend Smut, whose real name is Duncan) has somewhere around 2000km on it since I've been riding it, and I broke some spokes on the back wheel. I'm going to be without it for likely another week. On Thursday and Friday I rode my old Kona Hahanna mountain bike to the Go Station, took it to Whitby with me on the train, and rode it from the Whitby Station up to UOIT.
My feelings towards my old mountain bike are probably similar to those of a farmer towards his big, quiet, never-complaining, dignified work horse. It's not a sexy bike, and it doesn't do anything fast, but in return for a little respect and some T.L.C. it always gets the job done.
For the upcoming week I'm going to take the Cervelo off the trainer and ride my race bike (carefully) to Oshawa. I'm not entirely thrilled about this - the Cervelo doesn't have the puncture proof tires that Smut's bike does, and not wanting to break any spokes on it I'm going to have to ride it very delicately, especially down that last damned stretch of Brock Street in Whitby to the Go Station, but I guess the bike and I will survive.

Here are some Biking T-Shirts I've come across.
I Bike T.O., which are sold by the guy who runs the Biking Toronto blog. And Bicycles are for Lovers (see above), which are sold by a gentleman out of Philadelphia.

And, here's the Bike Toronto response to an article in the Globe called The War Against The Car Will Never Succeed. It's a good chuckle.

And since I haven't mentioned peak oil in a while, here's National Geographic's take on The End of Cheap Oil.


Melissa said...

everything is for lovers.

Marshall said...

Hey, thanks for the comments on my blog! I'm going to add you to my blogroll. Thanks for visiting, and nice work on your heroic efforts to "save a few polar bears." Be safe!

Jill said...

To give an economics lesson, oil is worth what people are willing to pay for it. If Americans were willing to decrease their consumption (and take up bike riding instead of SUV buying perhaps?) then the price of oil would be cheaper. I'm amazed that people are so willing to pay these high prices! I enjoyed your blog as well.

ducati said...

Great link to the Nat'l Geo article. And a good read.

More folks should take up bicycle commuting: good for the waistline, the environment, AND the wallet!