Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Route's Nice Parts

On Monday I took Annalise for a ride along the nice parts of my route to UOIT. This part here is Sideline 26, where I leave Taunton Road and head north to Concession 5. It looks peaceful enough, but this stretch shows up about 40km into my ride, and is a long gravelly uphill that wears out my legs quite nicely.

It does have a nice bonus though....
I get to say howdy to these two horses almost every day!
And this is my climb. I think I've revised my opinion that it's worse than the Scarborough Bluffs climb. It's not quite as steep, but as you can see, it's a nasty sucker that goes up for a long time. It's on Concession 5 somewhere around 50km into the ride.

So two and a half hours. That's how long I'm on the bike by myself in the morning. When I rode the stationary bike at the gym (usually for an hour) I brought music and that kept me entertained. I could bring music on the bike, but with the wind and the traffic I'd have to turn the music up so loud to hear it that I'd probably ruin my ear drums. I do kind of wish I could listen to the radio while biking though - I really miss CBC's Metro Morning.
So what do I think about on the road? I seem to spend a lot of time worrying that I packed everything into my backpack that I'm going to need for the day. "Did I pack my belt? Do I have my cell phone in case I double flat and need to call for help?"
I sing to myself. I've always done that. When I pass across Morningside Avenue each morning I start singing the Neil Diamond song of the same name. I curse cars a lot. I imagine scenes for the cycling movie I want to write.
I search for the perfect sunrise. The perfect barn hiding in the mist. I look out over the fields (when I'm near fields) and try to believe that that glimpse of nature is worth more than the city streets and minor highways that make up the rest of my ride.
And sometimes I get a bit of a gift.
This morning (Tuesday) was fairly misty. As I was spinning up the above-mentioned sideline 26 I was getting drizzled on a tiny bit, I was getting tired, and just as I approached Concession 5 I saw a roadie in full kit on a Louis Garneau hammer past like a ghost in the fog. I sprinted to the end of the road and turned right onto Concession 5 in the same direction that the roadie was going, but he was in better shape than me, was on a better bike, didn't have a backpack on his shoulders and he was gone, there was no way I could catch up to him.
But still, to spin the pedals all morning by yourself and then get a glimpse of another biker sharing the country roads with you... to see him disappear far ahead of you into the mist..., that was worth it.


selsine said...

"hammer past like a ghost in the fog."

Nice...I get that a lot from people when I'm jogging, only mostly I can't hear it cause I've already hammered past them...

Melissa said...

it looks like beautiful country

Alexis said...

Hi, I saw your post on my Magic Spot blog. Sounds like you have a really serious commute! Mine is very short comparatively.

It's definitely hard to claim space on roads with high traffic speed. My best route to work, distance-wise, would be really bad speed-wise, so I detour a little to avoid that.