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the kindness of strangers

Here are a couple videos I've come across recently and find amusing enough to recommend. Plus they're pretty brief so they won't waste your time.

This is a short one of some
mountain bike race where a spectator gets pissed and throws one of the contestants off a bridge.

Even though the humour in this one comes at the
expense of the cyclist (in favour of the car), it's still pretty funny.

And this one isn't about biking, but I found it pretty funny. Guy taking a girl home after a date and it's a spoof of the Mastercard "priceless" ads.

I was looking through the Fixed Gear Gallery and came across this story and bike. I actually emailed Joshua to get some more details about this random stranger who gave him $350.00 after seeing a car hit him, and this was his reply:

I know, right! It was amazing. She handed it to me gangsta style, all tucked into her palm and looked me in the eye and said, "I just want to bless you." She offered me a ride home and a…

Cyclists are filled with vitality

The cycling petition was put in the mail and is on its way to Ottawa.

I think it was on the Allderblob a few months back that I saw a reference to the survey I've copied below. It took me a while to find it on the internet, and after finding it I forgot all about it.

I guess it is a fairly accuracte survey of cyclists, but it is kind of odd to think that this is how the world of marketing and advertising sees us, and sees all special interest groups - What are their habits and foibles? these people think, and how can we exploit their habits to sell ipods and heartrate monitors to them?

Research: Profile of cyclists in Canada
Crop Marketing Research Opinion Surveys:

Even though summer has ended, cyclists will not be putting away their bikes just yet. They will be taking advantage of the first weeks of fall to prolong their enjoyment of one of their favourite physical activities. Cycling being one of the most popular sports in Canada, this month’s article will draw a profile …

Advice from Glen Murray

The cycling petition is no longer on the web, see the post below for a few more details.

I'm not sure how I feel about the commentary happening over on Spacing Wire. The specific "requests" of the petition are being criticized fairly heavily. Criticism is great and I sought it out back in November when I was drafting the petition (dig into the November blog archives), but at this point I'd like to focus more on the fact that the petition, whatever its specifics, is meant to draw the government's attention towards cycling.

As I've said many times, I hope some more people start other cycling petitions. We'll spread the word to all the cycling groups, get the petitions signed, and we'll bombard every level of government with calls for action on replacing something which is bad (every single person in the world having a car) with something which is good (more and more opportunities to live your live via public transit and Active Transportation.

Regarding the…

I'm permitted one act i can save

It's almost time for LOST and I'm waiting for our delivery from Green Earth Organics to show up, and I actually have to do some dishes, but here are a couple petition notes:

The online version of the petition has been closed.
The totals are 2202 paper and ink signatures, and 4137 online signatures
If you signed thank you, and you're in good company, so did Mike Barry, Curt Harnett, Jasper Blake a few famous coaches and many people who are active in the promotion of cycling.
The Spacing Wire had some commentary on the petition today.

And I think that's it. More later though.

make for the hills

The cycling petition is still up. I don't actually have any free time to get to a post office and mail this thing until the end of the week, so I figured I'd just leave it online for a few more days and let it maybe reach 4100. On Saturday I weeded out all the doubled-signatures and spam signatures, so it is legitimately at 4090 or whatever it is at now.

Macleans has a recent article called Survival Skills for the Starbucks Set which discusses a wilderness survival instructor in Lindsay, Ontario, who has seen his classes getting more popular with urbanites. In theory, because more and more of them sense the end of days.

This strikes a chord, because ever since I started reading all the peak oil books, my girlfriend and I have been 30% seriously (70% jokingly) talking about what we’d do when civilization ended. We envision a small farming commune in the country somewhere and talk about all the skills that our friends have which would be useful in staying alive. So far I'm th…

the little rascal has spiwit

If you're a cyclist and haven't already come across the Councillor Rob Ford story, check out Biking Toronto (just scroll down a bit). I still cannot BELIEVE that a toronto city councillor said this:
"Roads are built for buses, cars and trucks, not for people on bikes. It's their own fault at the end of the day if they get hit. You shouldn't be in the middle of traffic riding your bike. If you want to ride your bike you've got beautiful parks. That's where you should ride your bike."

Has this guy read a book or an urban transportation report in the last 15 years? I've never met Rob Ford and know nothing about him, but I think I want to kick him in the nuts. Rob, this kid really shouldn't have to move to Amersterdam to be able to ride his bike on the street. And by the way, if he does become a bike commuter, he will be helping to alleviate urban gridlock and global warming, he'll be taking steps towards NOT becoming another statistic in the ri…


Before I begin, anybody who wants to cross their fingers for me and say "good luck Tuco" I'd greatly appreciate it. I interviewed for a job this morning that I'd quite like to get. It would be in downtown Toronto and bring to a gradual close this 4 to 5 hours a day I spend commuting to and from Oshawa. I need the luck incidentally, I totally flubbed one question and spote "sotto voce" most of the time. What a dumbass.

Anyway, this is a picture of a Pinarello Treviso. My paternal grandfather came from the town of Treviso, just outside of Venice in northeastern Italy. So I'm pretty juiced that Pinarello is making a bike that I feel some connection with. For those of you who don't know - Pinarello is one of the sexiest of bike companies. Their bikes are ridden by the "Gods" of the cycling circuit. Most of us hackers just kind of drool over Pinarello bikes and don't remotely consider buying them.

The Treviso is kind of a strange flat bar ro…

Da Bugle

I'm waiting for two more batches of signed petitions to arrive (both from out west) before I take the Promotion of Cycling in Canada petition down and send it to NDP MP Olivia Chow.

Sign now if you haven't already - it's just passed 3800 signatures and it'd be awesome to have the online version at 4000 before it gets wrapped up.

And the awesome people at Toronto Cycling have the Winter 2007BUGle magazine ready now.

Much to my delight, my story about my old Raleigh Safari is in there.

Birth of the Blog

Okay - so I'm going vegan and reading way too much about factory farming (also known as Intensive Livestock Operations or as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) and since this is primarily what is on my mind these days I am inclined to blog about it.
But, I don't feel that "Story of a bike and a stubborn cyclist" is the right place to vent about veganism etc, so I've created a new blog called Veggie Karma.
If you ever want to surf over and check out what I'm doing on the veggie site, be my guest. If you'd rather just hear about biking and peak oil and george bush and literature and sustainable development, stay right here.

Following along with The End of Suburbia there is a new documentary which is supposed to be hitting Toronto soon called A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash which I'm keen to see.

I've been very quiet on the peak oil front for a while. As I mused back here I no longer really know what will happen. Will there be an easy transition in…

Bush wears you down

I should be pretty happy about the Scooter Libby conviction. It is so far the biggest indictment of the George Bush White House, and the lies this administration told in order to take the country to war. In a way I am happy about the conviction, but then again, we all know that these guys are appalling human beings and so far Libby is the only one to get nailed? Libby? Screw Libby - we want Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Bush himself to go down as well.

George - after writing about you several times now, I have to admit that you've exhausted me. Invade Iran, drill for oil in the Arctic, stare at us all like we're the morons and you have to explain everything in one syllable words for us - do whatever you want, you win, I can't fight it anymore.

What I am into fighting these days is factory farming. The more I read the more appalled I am that this industry exists, and that we all turn a blind eye to it.

I ordered in an article which provides an overview of the origins of fact…

The Office

So my best friend at work - and the person who has been carpooling me to and from the Go Station, has found a new job and is moving back to Ottawa. Her last day was this past Friday.

Godspeed Shannon. May the road rise to meet you.

So I went to the bike show and resisted buying a cyclocross bike. This wasn't actually that hard because there were very few cross bikes on display, just a couple Konas that weren't my size.
I got some shoes for myself and some stuff for my brother but it was a fairly uneventful show. Thanks again to Cycle Ontario Alliance for displaying the petition at their booth and getting lots of signatures. I think the online version will get taken down this coming weekend, and all the various pages sent to Ms. Chow next week.

I'm now doing a full on public transit commute from downtown Toronto to north Oshawa until the streets and weather improve enough that I feel it safe to get back on the bike. Today as I was riding the bus up to school, I noticed that Osh…

Smarter than the average bear

So the Toronto Bike Show is tomorrow, which means that this cycling petition will be taken down pretty soon. I think it has done pretty well: the online version currently has about 3700 signatures and I think the paper version will have upwards of 1500 signatures by the time I send everything to Olivia Chow.

I've talked myself out of buying a cyclocross bike this weekend. After I give my brother my Dew Deluxe I'll still have three bikes (the beater, the all-rounder, the race bike) so I can't really justify "needing" a bike at the moment. Plus, I want to buy all that basic stuff that cyclists need for my brother - pump, locks, jacket, lights etc. I'm also looking forward to meeting a few people at the bike show who have been helping with the petition and who I so far only know through email.

The big news in Ontario right now is that our diabetes rate is going off the scale. I wonder if getting people onto bikes and promoting active transportation would help with…