Friday, March 09, 2007

Birth of the Blog

Okay - so I'm going vegan and reading way too much about factory farming (also known as Intensive Livestock Operations or as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) and since this is primarily what is on my mind these days I am inclined to blog about it.
But, I don't feel that "Story of a bike and a stubborn cyclist" is the right place to vent about veganism etc, so I've created a new blog called Veggie Karma.
If you ever want to surf over and check out what I'm doing on the veggie site, be my guest. If you'd rather just hear about biking and peak oil and george bush and literature and sustainable development, stay right here.

Following along with The End of Suburbia there is a new documentary which is supposed to be hitting Toronto soon called A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash which I'm keen to see.

I've been very quiet on the peak oil front for a while. As I mused back here I no longer really know what will happen. Will there be an easy transition into alternative energies aided by nuclear power and coal? Or will there be an abrupt drop off in our quality of life? I don't want millions of people to be out of work, I don't want doctors working under the dim lights of emergency generators, but in a way, if the oil runs out before we kill all the polar bears and completely ruin the planet, maybe that'd be for the best?

And Carbon Taxes (which I mused about in terms of raising gasoline taxes here) are in the news here in Canada - check Only Carbon Taxes can rekindle conservation from today's Toronto Star.

Here are two more things:
Bookcrossing - finish a book, conveniently leave it at a coffee shop with a tag on it, and follow it on this website as it moves its way from reader to reader.

Justin Rutledge - my brother introduced me to Rutledge a little while back, and I've been listening to him a lot. If you like Blue Rodeo you'll probably dig Rutledge - he does the same kind of alt / country / rock that they do. "Don't be so mean, Jellybean" on this page is a live track from the Cameron House in Toronto.


selsine said...

That's really cool Chris good luck! I for one fully support your new life change! Speaking of probably cannot eat them anymore...same goes for Breath mints and a whole bunch of beers...moosehead is safe as far as I know.

But the cool thing about the Internet is that there are tonnes of resources and there is a very well established vegan community. You might want to check out the "Let's get baked with Mat and Dave" podcast as they always go over a nice vegan recipe.

One of the cool things about being vegan (besides all the good karma you're gonna get) is the cool cooking that you get to do, and all the yummy food that you're going to get to eat.

You get two big thumbs up from this vegetarian, who, sadly, isn't a vegan.

Tuco said...

Hey Mark - yeah, jellybeans and gelatin... I think if more people knew that they were eating ground up cow spine, jellybeans wouldn't get sold much anymore.

But beer? Heck... this sounds like I need to do more research. : (

Anonymous said...

Love the vegan life. Liked your note of BookCrossing. You can start a local get together in your region by creating a Yahoo Group on it here:!-Group