Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Office

So my best friend at work - and the person who has been carpooling me to and from the Go Station, has found a new job and is moving back to Ottawa. Her last day was this past Friday.

Godspeed Shannon. May the road rise to meet you.

So I went to the bike show and resisted buying a cyclocross bike. This wasn't actually that hard because there were very few cross bikes on display, just a couple Konas that weren't my size.
I got some shoes for myself and some stuff for my brother but it was a fairly uneventful show. Thanks again to Cycle Ontario Alliance for displaying the petition at their booth and getting lots of signatures. I think the online version will get taken down this coming weekend, and all the various pages sent to Ms. Chow next week.

I'm now doing a full on public transit commute from downtown Toronto to north Oshawa until the streets and weather improve enough that I feel it safe to get back on the bike. Today as I was riding the bus up to school, I noticed that Oshawa's "Forbidden Pleasures" store (i.e. erotic items store) is in a grungy little strip mall right beside a Wimpy's Diner. I love Oshawa.

Here's a picture of me holding a piece of broccoli with my eyes mostly closed, talking to one of my few male co-workers about that Samuel Jackson / Chris Chelios video (see below).

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