Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm permitted one act i can save

It's almost time for LOST and I'm waiting for our delivery from Green Earth Organics to show up, and I actually have to do some dishes, but here are a couple petition notes:

  • The online version of the petition has been closed.

  • The totals are 2202 paper and ink signatures, and 4137 online signatures

  • If you signed thank you, and you're in good company, so did Mike Barry, Curt Harnett, Jasper Blake a few famous coaches and many people who are active in the promotion of cycling.

  • The Spacing Wire had some commentary on the petition today.

And I think that's it. More later though.


selsine said...

Hey you guys your Green Earth Organic too? We've been using them for the last two and a half years and have been pretty happy with their services.

I just like getting to cook with veggies that I've never cooked with before!

Melissa said...

You watch Lost? I love you.