Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the kindness of strangers

Here are a couple videos I've come across recently and find amusing enough to recommend. Plus they're pretty brief so they won't waste your time.

This is a short one of some
mountain bike race where a spectator gets pissed and throws one of the contestants off a bridge.

Even though the humour in this one comes at the
expense of the cyclist (in favour of the car), it's still pretty funny.

And this one isn't about biking, but I found it pretty funny. Guy taking a girl home after a date and it's a spoof of the Mastercard "priceless" ads.

I was looking through the Fixed Gear Gallery and came across this story and bike. I actually emailed Joshua to get some more details about this random stranger who gave him $350.00 after seeing a car hit him, and this was his reply:

I know, right! It was amazing. She handed it to me gangsta style, all tucked into her palm and looked me in the eye and said, "I just want to bless you." She offered me a ride home and after I told her that my friends were coming, she disappeared. So rad. I mean, who just has $350 in cash on them that they can give away? I hope I can do that for somebody else someday. Thanks for your interest.


This gentleman in the U.K. has the only Kona Hahanna I could find on the website.

My Hahanna is the 2001 model and is red and fairly beat up looking (the seat is torn so I have a plastic bag wrapped over it). The drivetrain is pretty much at the point of needing to be thrown away, so I've been thinking of having a mechanically-minded buddy turn the Kona into a singlespeed (freewheel) for the coolness factor, but I'm hesistant to lose the bike's "all purpose" capabilities in exchange for the novelty of the single speed.

Decisions, decisions.


cyclingdave said...

i saw that post at the gallery. amazing story!

Melissa said...

if tom cruise had of shown up, i would have shot myself in the face. ..that might not be a completely true statement.

Eric said...

Great blog! I converted a Specialized Hardrock into a single-speed, but quickly returned to the gears. I know that I don't need 20+ choice of gears, but commuting 70km with hills is certainly no easy task with just one gear. Those new Shimano internal geared hubs do sound intriguing though...