Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Natural consequences of being inept

When you subscribe to much of what Noam Chomsky preaches about mass media, then you basically believe that mainstream newspapers and news outlets will NEVER talk about really important stories because it will piss off their main advertisers and they'll lose money.
For example, how often have you seen peak oil, factory farming conditions, or (back in 2002/2003) the invasion of Iraq, really discussed and criticized in the mainstream media?

BUT - back to back yesterday and today I've seen two topics discussed in places where I never thought it would happen.

The Toronto Star today has a piece on the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals trying to get university food providers to offer free-range/organic eggs in their cafeterias as an option besides eggs from factory farms.

And - peak oil was seriously discussed on CNBC on the weekend.

Holy jumping. North America might actually be heading towards democracy.

Although I have some news about the bikes in the house (those which have left and are leaving), I might save that for another post.

Note on today's post-title

A co-worker and I bailed out a couple students last week (i.e. doing some printing for them because they were basically too dumb to get their stuff organized), and afterwards we were discussing whether or not we had really done them a favour.

My co-worker's line was "they should really learn the natural consequences of being inept" and (though this is the subtext) not relying on the kindness of strangers to bail them out when they're morons.

The natural consequences of being inept - I just thought that was a well-turned phrase, gracias.


Darren J said...

I was surprised about CNBC covering peak oil too. I think they've discussed it before, but now with Matt Simmons and also T Boone Pickens, it's almost accepting it as an issue to be considered.

Here's where you can see both videos, in case you missed it. (although I doubt it!)

Melissa said...

"natural consequences of being inept" that is beautiful