Thursday, April 26, 2007

Smut's Bike Shop

As mentioned a few times before, the name of one of my best friends is Duncan, but I still refer to him by his university nickname of Smut.
When I was at Smut's house turning my Kona into a singlespeed (see below) I took some pictures of his bikes. Going to Smut's place is kind of like going to a bike shop - you can browse bikes there, see how many new parts have been added to one frame, how many taken away from another. It's kind of like the circle of life of bike building.

Smut is actually selling this fuji track pro singlespeed. It's a 49cm frame and he's looking for $1000.00 - the aero bars included. P.S. click on any of these photos to enlarge.
It should be this one actually, though I know he bought the frame etc and then built up the other parts. If you're interested leave a note on the blog and I'll get you in touch. Not that I've ever owned one, but I love Fuji bikes. Look at their cyclocross bikes, just gorgeous.
This is his "good" bike - his Monoc carbon road bike, which, again, is a build up after buying the frame.
A Nashbar frame set up as a singlespeed.
A random old mountain bike frame awaiting more tinkering.
And I couldn't be bothered to take them down, but hanging here are his cyclocross bike (a specialized frame built up), a Giant mountain bike, and another frame yet to be turned into both a piece of art and a mode of transportation.

I am really digging The Weepies and especially like their video for World Spins Madly On.


Dustin said...

your friend still looking to sell his bike?

Tuco said...

I think so - send me an email at the gmail address mentioned in "about me" and I'll get you guys in touch.