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Bush and his legacy

If you go to google news and type in something like george bush (legacy OR "place in history") you'll find tons of articles that are trying to assess how Bush will go down in history.

The anti-Bush writers point to Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, torture, Guantanamo Bay, wire-tapping and the Patriot Act etc as the best examples of Bush's failures.

The pro-Bush writers don't have much to commend him for - but the key one is that after the 2001 New York attack, Bush the Strongman didn't allow any other terrorist attacks to happen on American soil.

Apparently trying to fix his environmental legacy a little bit, Bush has also done something that actually is tremendously valuable and important - he created several massive marine protection zones which can be thought of as oceanic equivalents of National parks where marine eco-systems will be protected.

If you haven't read about the catastrophic state of the oceans by the way, check a special report by the Economist magaz…