Friday, March 16, 2007

the little rascal has spiwit

If you're a cyclist and haven't already come across the Councillor Rob Ford story, check out Biking Toronto (just scroll down a bit). I still cannot BELIEVE that a toronto city councillor said this:
"Roads are built for buses, cars and trucks, not for people on bikes. It's their own fault at the end of the day if they get hit. You shouldn't be in the middle of traffic riding your bike. If you want to ride your bike you've got beautiful parks. That's where you should ride your bike."

Has this guy read a book or an urban transportation report in the last 15 years? I've never met Rob Ford and know nothing about him, but I think I want to kick him in the nuts. Rob, this kid really shouldn't have to move to Amersterdam to be able to ride his bike on the street. And by the way, if he does become a bike commuter, he will be helping to alleviate urban gridlock and global warming, he'll be taking steps towards NOT becoming another statistic in the rise of diabetes and obesity rates in Canada, and if we take things even further, he WON'T be putting much money into the pockets of oil companies which whisper into the ears of republican presidents and lead them to invade other countries.

Oh yeah, and another thing, if the City of Toronto would finally free up all that bike lane money that they have and get the lanes built - very few cyclists would even be getting hit.
Thank God there are people like this out there. (P.S. the song in the background of the video is Play the Greed by Dar Williams).

New Info: After doing this post yesterday, I found myself on the mountain bike review forums, where there's a long thread on this topic, and apparently Ford is actually responding to many of the nasty emails he's received - if the emailer left his phone number Ford has actually been calling to apologize. He's also saying that the above quote was taken somewhat out of context. He thinks a lot of accidents happen because drivers use the bike lane as a "scoot by" lane and that's how cyclists get hit sometimes.

Well, give credit where credit is due, he's trying to make amends. That counts for something.

If (and when?) the petition to promote cycling in Canada crosses 4000 signatures today, I'm taking it down tomorrow. I've been putting off going through it to weed out the spam signatures, and also putting off adding up all the pages of the paper & ink version of the petition, but I guess I'll have to do it sometime, and my day of choice is tomorrow.

On a quick musical note, I am really really digging qR5's Revisited Gone.

and here's Monty Python.


Darren J said...

I like the music recommendation. Did you see they're playing tonight?

Congratulations on the petition. You just passed 4000 online!

You're getting a huge number of signatures per day right now.

Ben said...

I don't think he deserves credit for trying to make amends, because what he said to begin with is in line with his actions in council. He said what he thinks.

Now that he is claiming to think something else, I don't think that we should give him credit for it.

Oliver said...

There's a thread on too. Apparently the other councillors call him Fat Fuck Ford and don't have much patience for him. He's bad news, he deserves no credit.