Saturday, April 19, 2008

despite not being a "lance" guy...

I finished the series of active transportation articles that I've been mentioning off and on, and they're posted at Orillia Gets Active if anyone wants to check them out.

  • Article 1 covers how North America came to be an automobile dependent society

  • Article 2 explores the problems that auto-dependence has caused

  • Article 3 talks about why active transportation is a sustainable way forward for city planners in a (soon to be) $1.50 / litre of gas world.

In other news...

I bought a new bike.
Maybe a year and a half ago I sold my 2004 Cervelo Soloist (aluminum with Ultegra) thinking that my duathlon days were over, and that I could just use my cross bike for the long Sunday rides I anticipated doing.
However, several things ganged up on me & convinced me that I still needed a real road bike:
a) as mentioned before, I'm a cycling shopaholic.
b) This spring, both my brother and a co-worker have been bike shopping, and I've been looking at bikes left, right and center in efforts to advise them on things like wheelsets and what level of Shimano components not to drop below.
c) In Orillia I've gone for two Sunday rides with the local bike shop guys, on our cross bikes, and I'm enjoying it, but as the snow and ice leaves and the roads clear, I would have been very pissed to watch them switch to road bikes and leave me chugging along far behind on my steel Jamis.

SOOO - I've been surfing EBAY and the Canadian Cyclist classifieds, and found a guy living fairly close by selling a 2007 Trek 5000 - the 53/39 double version. It wasn't stock, he'd put on a different wheelset and fork, but they were still good parts, the bike was my size, and he was asking what I considered a really good price. Even before I went to look at it, it was pretty much a certainty that I was going to buy it.

Haven't ridden it yet, just picked it up this morning, but I already have adjustments to make. I want to get some good (used) mid-level Mavics for the bike, a new saddle, and some pedals.

Thank God for spring and bike part fiddling.


Groover said...

Very nice blog and a very nice bike. Enjoy your first ride on it. I also dropped over to start reading your article on active transportation. Same issues here in Oz.

Will be back to read more.

Revrunner said...

As my daughter sometimes says, "Sweet!"

Smudgemo said...


I'm not big on Mavic hubs. Rims, for sure.

I think the best all-around wheelset for not a ton of money is a set of Ultegra hubs, 32 double-butted spokes (unless the loads are heavy and roads rough), and a set of Mavic Open Pro rims.

Reasonably light, plenty durable and totally repairable for me. No real Wow! factor, but you could do black spokes and rims.