Saturday, August 16, 2008

damned derailleurs and farmers

So - regarding the below mentioned triathlon that I'm participating in tomorrow, I have a spot of bother. I haven't actually ridden the carbon Trek in ages, and ever since I bought it the bike has had front derailleur issues. I tried riding it around today and the derailleur kept throwing the chain over the big chain ring, no matter what I did with the limit screw.

I almost decided to put my road wheels onto my Jamis cross bike today, switching over the cassette, but in the process of lifting the Jamis and the Trek, with the Jamis weighing... I don't know... 6 pounds more than the Trek... I couldn't bring myself to do it. So screw it. I'm riding the Trek tomorrow and I'm not going to use the smaller chainring at all. I'll let you know how this goes.

Another dumb thing I did today - the day before a race - was ride 50 km (on the Jamis). I tried to go Friday afternoon (had the day off) but right when I was set to go, thunder started rumbling in the distance, with grey clouds filling the sky. So, fairly pissed (this has been a wet and crappy summer here in Ontario), I called off the ride, but was really anxious to go this morning.
Anyway - on Burnside Line - a quiet two lane 80 km / hour road that runs south into Orillia, I was cycling along with almost no traffic around me, when a pickup that was headed towards me veered over into my lane and more or less played chicken with me for 15 or 20 seconds, veering back when he was maybe 20 metres away from me.

And it wasn't even some stupid kid! It was about a 55 year old guy with white hair who looked like a normal guy that you'd run into at the farmer's market or something. Jackass. I sat up in the saddle and held my arms out in the "what the f*&K was that" pose, but it totally slipped my mind to get the guys license plate.

I can't wait for peak oil. You old guys and your pickup trucks... enjoy it while it lasts.


Tom said...

don't wish for peak oil.... yeah that guy won't be driving the pickup.... but lots of people will stop eating-

FixedXorBroken said...

I have front dérailleur issues on my bike as well. It has a Sora component set.

I find that if I am in too small of a cog when I shift up into the top chain ring, it will come off sometimes. Luckily, I can tell when this will happen because my front dérailleur makes a little metallic rubbing noise, so I know to change to a bigger cog first. It also helps to shift slow by applying less force to the shift lever.