Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the republic of active transportation

Me Likey!!!

So many bikes, so little time. I have no business owning another bicycle, but these Republic Bikes out of Florida look awesome - especially after a long snowy winter in central Ontario.

Although a small-town newspaper story about a city council meeting isn't usually the most interesting news in the world, it is this time.

City Staff are urging Council to officially hire a consultant to devise and write an Active Transportation Plan for the City of Orillia.

From the article:

Recognizing a provincial shift toward encouraging and creating active transportation in municipalities and following up on a deputation from Orillia's Trails for Life Committee, city staff are recommending council look at creating an Active Transportation Plan.

The recommendation that council committee will discuss tonight is for staff to prepare a capital budget request for the 2010 budget process to hire a consultant to develop a standalone active transportation plan for the city.

Active transportation includes initiatives like creating pedestrian linkages and establishing bike lanes, making it easy for residents who choose to use other modes of transportation than vehicles to move across the city.

The three departments involved in preparing the report -- planning and development, parks and recreation and public works -- identified a number of logistical questions for councillors to consider before moving ahead with one of two options. Those options were continuing to address active transportation on an ad-hoc basis, as the city does now or preparing and implementing an active transportation plan that would guide all future decisions on developments and projects.

"An Active Transportation Plan would provide the city with a unified vision with respect to the creation of a multi-modal and safe transportation system," states the report. "Preparation of a plan would also likely involve a concerted review of the city's design standards."

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