Saturday, May 22, 2010

floyd - the truth is out there

In 2006, after Floyd Landis won a crazy mountain stage in the Tour de France (the Tour that he would win and then have taken away due to doping), I wrote a very sentimental and melodramatic post about Floyd's mountain climbing ability, and about mountain climbing in general.

Despite positive doping tests from that Tour, Floyd would deny drug use for four years. He even set up the Floyd Fairness Fund (or the longer title Fund to Fight for Fair Treatment for Floyd Landis and Advocate Advances in Best Practice in Anti-Doping in Sport. Basically - you were meant to donate to the fund to help Floyd clear his name and also help protect other athletes from every being tarnished in this way.

Well the truth is now out of the bag - Floyd has confessed, and he's saying that Lance was involved in the doping.

I don't really care about Lance. What gets me is the indignant, holier than thou, "how dare you accuse me of doping" attitude that Floyd (and McGwire and Bonds etc) put on for as long as they possibly can, until something makes them realize that it's pointless and they might as well confess. And to go so far as to set up a Floyd Fairness Fund?!? That's ridiculous. In his confession, Floyd should have also added "I would like to announce that anyone who contributed to my fund is welcome to come and punch me in the face."

It's such a shame. Those mountain stages in the Tour and other cycling races are so inspiring and dramatic. To hear - a few weeks or months or years later - that the dudes providing the drama were flat out cheating.... well... it just ruins it, doesn't it?


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