Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Oakleys broke...

I started really getting into cycling around 2000 / 2001. I bought a terrible, department store, mountain bike off a co-worker, and started commuting around Toronto. This was the bike which I kept taking into my local bike shop for repairs, until finally my mechanic looked at me one day and said "No more man, I'm not fixing this bike anymore!".
So... I gave up on whatever that stupid thing was, and bought a Kona Hahanna. A reliable, no-frills, mountain bike from a good company.

Anyway, I bought more bikes, and became a very enthusiastic cyclist, and eventually needed a good pair of sunglasses for long Saturday and Sunday rides in summer sunshine.

This was somewhere around 2003 (give or take a year). I was either in grad school, or trying to decide if I should go to grad school... but either way, money was tight. Adding to the expense was my near-sightedness, and the fact that any sunglasses I bought would have to be prescription ones.

I have no idea what I'd heard about Oakley's back then. I imagine I saw them mentioned in a cycling magazine. Anyway, I decided I wanted very high quality sport sunglasses, and I chose this pair of Oakley's with the blue lenses. I remember them costing what seemed like a fortune at the time, but don't really remember how much I paid - my best guess is $400 to $450. 

So... 2003/04... to 2016. About 12 years. Lots of sweat and lots of sunshine.

I had them pushed up onto the top of my head as I was carrying stuff into the house. They fell down to the kitchen floor and the connecting piece between the lenses snapped. Kind of a mundane way to go for glasses that have seen so many kilometers.

Thanks guys. Take care.

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