Friday, September 22, 2006

Why Men Without Cars Are Sexy

Sometime next week I'm going to buy a monthly GO Train Pass for October. What this means is that I'm officially giving up the idea of doing the full morning ride to Oshawa as my means to get to work. Instead I'll be doing the bike to Danforth / Train to Whitby / bike to school version, which puts 45km on the bike for me for the whole day, so I'll still get some distance in.
I honestly don't know what I'll do this winter. I've been a winter commuter in Toronto, but doing this ride will be different, plus I'll have to figure out where to store a bike that's dripping slush and grime here at work.

Anyway.... there are SO MANY interesting stories popping up right now!!!!!
Remember how quickly and happily Pakistan signed on with Team America's fight against terrorism after 9/11? Ever wonder why? Because the Americans threatened that they'd bomb Pakistan back into the Stone Age if they didn't get on board. That's nice, eh?

I don't really know what to say about the Hugo Chavez attack on George Bush. It tickles me pink though that he used Chomsky's 2003 Hegemony and Survival to back up what he was saying. I also think it's hilarious that he's subsidizing energy for the American poor.

My other favourite story right now is California suing the Big Six Automakers for causing global warming. The suit will likely fail, and probably is something of a publicity stunt, but cool, what a perfect publicity stunt! North Americans really really need to realize that cars - their cars - are killing the planet. Let's drum up all the publicity on this point that we can!

And finally, How to Live Well Without Owning A Car by Chris Balish. This isn't anything we don't know - apparently Balish, who's a St. Louis TV Host, just wrote about how much cheaper life is without a car. And I bet that Katie Alford's 2000 Divorce Your Car is a far better book on this topic, but still, it's nice for another "Stop Driving" book to come out. The headline for the Maclean's Magazine review of Balish's book was "Why men without cars are sexy."

Of course we're sexy!

We wear these:

We have great legs:

(P.S. all these pictures were randomly gathered from the web - I've had nice roadrash before, but nothing like that. Plus, I never jumped on the "let's shave our legs" bandwagon. When I was somewhat fast, I was the "fast guy with hairy legs.")

We understand physics:

And though it may not always be pretty, we can get our asses up mountains!


selsine said...

Hmm I'm still not convinced that spandex on men is sexy...

Milan Davidovic said...

For another take on the Pakistan thing, check out this PBS Frontline documentary: