Friday, June 01, 2007

And so it was I entered the broken world

I love the splash page of fearlessgearless. Before you click on the tank, make three guesses about where the link will send you.
I didn't do the Ride for the Heart this past weekend. I've done it several times now, but this year I wasn't all that bothered for some reason. Plus, as I was riding my Kona singlespeed to work last week, it struck me that I didn't actually possess a bike that could handle the hilly ride up the Don Valley Parkway. This due to the dumb crash I had on the Cannondale a few weeks ago.
But, annalise and I did walk over to a bridge and took some photos of the riders passing below us.

I had a frustrating weekend with the Cannondale. The crash warped my derailleur, but even worse it cracked and bent my aluminum and non-replaceable derailleur hanger. I was trying to bend the hanger out and away from the casette when it snapped off entirely. So in my grand plan of turning the bike into a singlespeed, I don't have the chain tensioner option.
I also don't want to buy one of those White Industry hubs (and pay someone to build a wheel around it for me) to get the chain tension right, AND, although a half-link would appear to make my life easier, I've read some negative things about half-links and am worried I'll get stuck in the middle of Whitby with a broken chain if I try to use one.
On Sunday my friend Duncan and I played around with different combinations of chainrings and cogs trying to find a match which would give good chain tension, but nothing worked. Tonight I'm going back to Urbane and hope that they'll let me return the 44 tooth ring I bought for a 42 and I'll try the combinations again with that.

P.S. - for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm thinking about doing a quick "singlespeed for dummies like me" post soon to show a) why singlespeed is so awesome and b) how hard it is mechanically to achieve.


Smudgemo said...

Hey Tuco,

I've seen where people take a ring of some size and place it in the chain to take up slack. See #8 here:

Have you tried to get Cannondale to replace the frame? They gave me a new fork when the dropouts on mine became loose. Not saying this is their issue, but maybe they would have pity on you and their non-replaceable hanger design and discount a frame. Of course you'd have to be the original owner.

Timon said...

looking forward to reading the post on singlespeed. To be honest, I really can't understand why anyone would want to do without a choice of gears, so you're explanation will be appreciated.

Tuco said...

Smudge - I saw that guy who had stuck a big cog in his chain to take up the slack. I have to admit that I'm dubious about that. Maybe I should test it for fun though.

As far as the Cannondale goes, not only am I not the original owner, but neither was the friend I bought it off. The thing dates from the early 90's I think, and I don't even know what model it is.