Saturday, September 08, 2007

a sunny summer september day


Life has been fairly busy and I've been out of my normal routine and therefore not posting on here that often. Today was a nice end of summer day though. Anna and I biked around the city - first to the Veggie Food Fair (see Veggie Blog) and then out to the west end of the Martin Goodman trail where one of Anna's friends got married.
These aren't our bikes by the way. The couple who got married picked the wedding spot partly because it was a nice spot for people to bike to - and they asked that people do just that! : ) I'm assuming that these bikes belong to someone else who was at the ceremony.


It's funny how you can live in Toronto and go through a lot of the year totally forgetting that your city has a great Harbour area, with a lake the size of a sea. I used to bike along the lakeshore a few times a week, but not the past two summers.


These three photos are all of Toronto's downtown, taken from the west end of the Martin Goodman trail. The sky looks a lot bluer than Toronto has felt recently. It has been so smoggy that I've been contemplating using one of those carbon filter smog masks that some cyclists have. One thing that holds me back though is that I've heard that no studies have been done to show that those masks actually work. Plus, I wear glasses and having one more thing on my face would drive me a little nutty.

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Marathon Maritza said...

Beautiful shots!