Thursday, August 30, 2007

Could I buy you a scotch and soda

Steve in Winnipeg has just posted some definitive advice about buying department store bikes. That really is a cool project he's got going on over there, well done sir, I wish I had the mechanical ability (and patience!) to do something similar.

Along with the flat I mentioned yesterday on the Jamis, I noticed a few days ago that the fairly cheap front tire I have on my Kona had bulged, and a lot of seam was showing through the panels of rubber on the tire. So much so that I gave the bike up as unrideable until I replaced the tire. I already had a Specialized 26 x 1.5 slick Armadillo tire on the back, and I shelled out the $56.00 (Canadian) for another one yesterday, and put it on the front wheel of the Kona.
It's kind of weird - with my Kona set up as a singlespeed, my tires on this bike are now worth more than my drivetrain, more than the fork, and since the Kona is six years old, maybe even worth more than the entire frame.

Oh yeah, and the deal with Specialized Armadillo's is that they're meant to be the most puncture proof tire you can get. I agree - when I was riding all the way to Oshawa last summer, I put 4000+ kms on 700 x 25 armadillos without any punctures, and I've only had one puncture on the 26 x 1.5 armadillo on the Kona. A stupid staple pierced perfectly into one of the grooves in the tread and flatted me.


I don't plan to make a habit of this, but here's another music mix for you all. It's at this address. Click, type in the little code, wait 45 seconds, unzip the file and play the songs in RealPlayer or something.

Here's the playlist.

Weakerthans – A New Name for Everything

Martin Sexton – Black Sheep

Groove Armada with Richie Havens – Hands of Time

James Brown – Too Funky in Here

Great Outdoors – Land of my Deceased

Waifs – Lies

Malvina Reynolds – Little Boxes

Daniel Lanois – Lotta Love to Give

Ricardo Lemvo – Mujer Divina

Solomon Burke – None of Us Are Free

Bruce Cockburn – Pacing the Cage

Steve Forbert – Romeo’s Tune

Sly and the Family Stone – Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris – This is Us

K.T. Tunstall – Universe and U

Lyle Lovett – What do you do (live)

Staple Singers – Will the Circle Be Unbroken

David Bowie – Young Americans


Ridi Bobo said...

Hey, I'll take that scotch! I should point out that I have virtually no mechanical ability and even less patience, that's what makes this project so interesting to me. I took years to fix my bathroom. Just ask my wife. I built a telescope once, too, and when I read the account of it I wouldn't actually believe I did it if I couldn't see the thing in the corner of the room. Anyway, thanks for the mention, and the earlier one. By the way, the Jamis Nova looks awesome. My Jamis Coda is a joy to ride, and will probably be my primary ride for years to come.

-- Steve at Bike of Doom.

Smudgemo said...

For commuting, Armadillos rule the road.

Melissa said...

little boxes. now i want to watch weeds. thanks for the mix, it's nice to get one for a change. i'm about to put august up.. in september. i know.