Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First flat on the Jamis

It took 1200 km for the Jamis to get it's first flat, and it was such a convenient flat that it might as well have called me up beforehand and said "what's a good time for you?"

I was on my way back to the Whitby Go Station in the afternoon, and the flat happened about 800 metres from the station, so I had lots of time to just walk the bike to the station and still catch my train into Toronto, without having to pull a fast and furious tube change on the side of the road.
On the train platform I turned the bike upside down while I was waiting for the train to check the tire (it was the rear wheel by the way, I can't remember the last time I had a front wheel go flat) for glass etc, but I couldn't find anything.
When my train came in I set the bike upside down in the car, did the tube change, and then went to the little bathroom on the train to wipe the grease/dirt off my hands. (Some people, like my buddy Oliver, have the knack of the quick and dirt free tube change, but not me. I get d.i.r.t.y. everytime). So when the train pulled into the Danforth Go Station I pedalled away like normal without having lost anytime at all. I'd love it if all flats worked themselves into my day this nicely.

The only annoying thing was that I couldn't find the cause of the flat. I don't feel satisfied unless I'm able to pull the offending hunk of glass etc out of my tire and can feel satisfied that I've really solved this problem. This tube just had a pinprick hole kind of in the high sidewall area, but I couldn't find anything that would have caused that.

Oh yeah - and the pump I carry (I realized this afterwards at home) actually got my tube up to the maximum inflation. Road tires call for about 120 psi, which you can never attain with a portable pump. But cyclocross tires only call for 75 to 80 psi, and my pump actually managed that.

So there's a wacky blogger, and expatriate Canadian, in Nashville, and she posts music mixes on her blog more or less monthly.
I've been downloading her mixes at work and using them as my music at work, and thought I'd make a mix from her mixes for other people to download and play off their computers.
So - if you Click Here, within the next 20 days, type in the little code and wait about a minute, you'll be able to download a zipped file of 21 songs from the folk/rock goddess of nashville.

Here's the "Nashville Hits" playlist:

Ryan Adams – Cherry Lane
The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me
The Lovely Sparrows – Chemicals Change
Bishop Allen – Click Click Click
King of France – Mexico
The Foundry Field Recordings – Warning Raids Over Kiev
Jose Gonzalez – Hand on Your Heart
The Mountain Goats – Dance Music
John Doe – A Little More Time
Black Bear – I Believe in Immediacy
Sarah Blasko – Perfect Now
Amy Winehouse – Wake Up Alone
Walkmen – We’ve Been Had
Deb Talan – Ashes on Your Eyes
Rilo Kiley – With Arms Outstretched
Tom Petty – Square One
M. Ward – Let’s Dance
Feist – One Two Three Four
Aria C Jalali – Postmodernism
qR5 – Revisited Gone
Justin Rutledge – Don’t Be So Mean, Jellybean


vic said...

That's cool that your flat timing worked out so well.

It always feels great to make on-the-road bike fixes, especially when you're not an experienced mechanic. I think all cyclists should learn these simple skills.

I busted a rear derailleur cable last week on the way to work. Back on the road with a fresh one within 5 minutes. Glad I carry spares. :)

What kind of pump do you have? I really really REALLY love my Topeak Mountain Morph.

Ira F. Stone said...

Sorry to hear about your flat, but if you have to have one that's the kind to have.

bmike said...

I put my spare tube in an old cycling sock. Protects the tube in my seatbag, and gives me a 'glove' for dealing with greasy dirty parts if I need to make a repair. Fold it inside out when you're done, stuff the old tube into it, and throw it in the wash (sans dead tube) when you get home.

Tuco said...

Vic - you carry spare cables? And probably needlenose pliers?! Wow, you're far more prepared than I am.

My pump is a Topeak Master Blaster Speed pump. I've always been pretty happy with it. It's good with prestas anyway, don't remember how well it attaches to schraeders.

Melissa said...

you picked some of my favorite to recycle. love it.

am I really a wacky expatriate blogger?