Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hiking and the Bicycle Film Fest

Next week (August 22-26) is the Toronto Bicycle Film Fest, at the Royal Theatre in Little Italy. That sounds like a pretty cool combination - I hope I can make a couple of the shows. Lucas Brunelle - the genius filmmaker behind this crazy video has a special screening on Saturday the 25th.

Anna and I had a mini vacation this weekend and did a couple of the Bruce Trail hikes. This one was near the (tiny) town of Mono Centre. It was quite nice and we had some veggie samosas that we ate while enjoying this view. We did another hike though just north of here, and in my opinion this book got us lost with faulty directions. It definitely wasn't my fault - had to be the map. Dumb thing. Getting lost did have its advantages though - we saw a deer, a turtle and some turkey vultures (which ran out of the bush in front of us quite suddenly) that we wouldn't have otherwise seen.

And near Shelburne Ontario, where we saw the Canadian Olde Time Fiddle Championship, we saw a pretty cool looking wind farm, which was way too big for a photograph to accurately represent.

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Veg*Triathlete said...

BICYCLE. FILM FEST? Oh, my. I've so fallen in love with Toronto. Must get there. Thanks for linking to it. I saved the schedule, and I'm going to make it my winter movie watching obsession (as soon as it cools off... gee, it must be hot today if I'm already planning what movies I'm going to watch in the winter!)