Friday, August 03, 2007

oh to be in Cape Breton

I commuted to work on this bike today. If you add together the Toronto and Durham portions of my commute, my one way trip is about 23 km, and that is the furthest I've ridden this bike so far. The bike needs some upgrades, particularly the wheelset, since they're the wheels I put thousands of kilometres on last summer when I was riding the whole way to Oshawa, and they weren't even new at that time. Anyway, the front wheel in particular is creaking like hell, the brakes are a bit past their prime, and the gearing I ended up choosing (I forget now actually - about 40 up front and 15 at the back?) will probably be a bit tough for the country roads I plan to use the bike on up north, but oh well, it was still a good ride today.

The September issue of Bicycling magazine has a teaser on the front cover titled "The Best Ride in North America". When you open it up, what does the best ride turn out to be? The Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. On behalf of my fellow Canadians I'll say - Thanks Bicycling!
I'm letting my subscription to Bicycling expire actually. I basically just drool over the bikes and never read the articles, but I'm also dismayed with all the car advertising in the magazine. The Sept. issue has 10 pages devoted to car ads, and I recently counted 17 pages of car ads in another recent issue. Not for me.

I don't know what to say anymore about Bush. A little while back he commuted the guilty verdict passed on Scooter Libby for obstructing a CIA leak investigation. Now, "Citing executive privilege, President George W. Bush on Wednesday rejected a subpoena for his close adviser Karl Rove to appear before to the Senate Judiciary Committee in a probe over fired federal prosecutors.

Sufferin Succotash. Apart from the war and the wire tapping and all the other reasons that the U.S. could impeach Bush, shouldn't it just be done because he is setting an unbelievable precedent for future presidents? That they don't have to be accountable to anyone?
P.S. - here's a good article about why Bush needs Gonzales to remain as the Attorney General, and here's a funny but no longer unbelievable piece about Bush cancelling the 2008 election if it looks like the GOP will lose.

Steve in Halifax is back on his bike after being hit a while back. That's awesome Steve, I hope all your journeys are incident free from here on out.

I read a bit of Steve's newspaper interview and found it interesting about his growing up in Nigeria and Zambia, and therefore being a cyclist partly because he didn't grow up in a "car culture" environment.

I did grow up in a car culture environment. So how did I become a cyclist? I guess it was due to two things a) having spent most of my adult life working and living in downtown Toronto, a bike was simply the most sensible way to get around the city. b) I read voraciously, and when you read about urban sprawl and the environment and peak oil and diabetes and obesity rates and all the other reasons why car culture sucks, I guess you become a cyclist.

Have a great long weekend everyone!


Sasquatch said...

Whoa. I also was counting car ads in Bicycling the other day. It is sad. I receive the subscription through Leaugue of American Cyclists. But not being into fancy bikes and stuff, I get tired of reading about titanium and wheel weights and $3000 bikes. Once in a while they surprise me though and write about commuting, or their Biketown program, which is kind of cool.

Smudgemo said...

Biketown is just about the only cool thing in that magazine. I typically don't buy it because all they do is tell you what new and wonderful products are out there that you should spend your money on as fast as you can.
I don't mind the car ads all that much because they are everywhere, but Bicycling never, ever says anything bad about any product they put in there.

gwadzilla said...

I am a cyclist for life

I ride for transportation, commute, I race for exercise, I race mountain bikes, I ride for mental health
I fear that nude rides and some of the critical mass rides only aid in creating greater distance between the car culture and the cycling culture

stress the similarities of the riders to the drivers
not the differences