Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It just don't get no better than a bear

My girlfriend was forwarded this story, and when she sent it to me I thought it'd be a good blog post.

I guess a photographer visiting Churchill, Manitoba, took some sled dogs out to take some pictures.

Out of the snow a polar bear creeps towards the pack, and the photographer starts thinking "Oh crap, all the dogs are goners."

Turns out though, that the polar bear just wanted to play around.

And he came back several times on succeeding days to play with the dogs some more.

So cute - and such a shame we're going to have killed 30 to 50% of the bears by 2050.


ApaulO Agrinaut said...

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DrJaySinful said...

Those are some great pictures! A rare event to have captured on camera. That Polar Bear must be pretty docile, however you won't ever see me petting it unless it is with someone else's hand, haha.

Revrunner said...

Funny! Taking the 10-count there in the last frame.

One good right hook with that paw of his, though, and that dog would be in low orbit.

Maxim said...

Any link to the original?

Tuco said...

Anybody who wants to find the originals of these photos, do a google search on "norbert rosing" - he's the (quite famous) photographer who took these.