Monday, February 18, 2008

Too much silence can be misleading

It's February in Orillia, which means snow up to your waist, and I've finally done a bit of work on my Cannondale. As you may or may not remember, my Cannondale has had an interesting life since I bought it off my friend Duncan. When I bought it, it was a fairly zippy bike, set up with Shimano 105 components, and it used downtube shifters.
I used it the summer I was biking from downtown Toronto to my job in Oshawa, and promptly put over 4000 kilometers on it. Then I had a crash, ended up snapping off the derailleur hanger, and it became a single-speed. Finally sick of the grimy looking hoods, and the black bar tape, I decided to beautify a little bit.

I bought some Shimano brake levers from Nashbar, and some Specialized Gel Tape from my new hometown bike shop, and set to work redoing the levers and the tape. By the way, if you want to learn how to wrap handlebar tape, you can do yourself a favour and watch this video.
Anyway, above you can see the old look of the hoods (although I'd already replaced the right lever by the time I took that photo). And then to the left here, you can see the new tape job.
I think it looks great, but I guess I won't really know how good a job I did until the summer when I put some wear and tear on the bike, and see how the tape job lasts. To get even more cushion on the bar, I taped a strip of the old tape along the top of the bar, and then taped the new stuff over top.

I'm finding myself absolutely burnt out with cycling these days. I don't bike for transportation in Orillia, because the city is small enough that I just walk everywhere, and I simply cannot bear to be on my bike on my trainer in the basement these days. So I've more or less given myself the winter off.
Hoping to keep in some sort of shape, I bought some snowshoes yesterday.
Velocity sells snowshoes as well as bikes, and they had a "test some snowshoes" hiking day yesterday. Annalise and I romped around on some Tubbs Odysseys for a while, and decided to buy them, especially because they were last year's model and were going for about $60.00 off.

After we'd tried them, I asked the guy what sort of level snowshoes the Odysseys were, and he said "Well, they're about two down from the top model, and two or three levels up from the bottom."
"So these are the Shimano 105s of Tubbs snowshoes?"
"Yeah! They're like buying 105, for $60.00 off."
"Okeydoke," I said. "Sold."

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pedalmaniac said...

Nice job on the handlebars.

This winter has been hard for biking for me as well.

Summer is coming!