Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Naked, you are blue as a night in Cuba

Yeah, you have to love Pablo Neruda (supplier of my subject line up there).

Peak Oil is even becoming a popular topic in academic and college magazines! This article from the Chronicle mentions that within 10 years of the peak, if we are to come anywhere close to the type of living that we have right now, alternative fuels will have to be able to produce as much energy as Saudia Arabia currently produces, by far the world's largest oil producer. The article is mainly about how colleges and universities need to start reassessing their entire business model in preparation for the end of cheap oil.

I'm really loving my Jamis. You know when a bike stops being some bike that you bought, and becomes your best friend, or your brother or something? My Jamis has pretty much reached that point. I'm currently riding it in training for the Orillia triathlon. I'm only doing the cycling portion, in a relay with my brother and a friend. My friend who is swimming has the hardest job - over the last few weeks thousands of carp have been dying in the same body of water that the swim portion of the triathlon is being held in. Hopefully all the triathletes will come out of the water with the proper number of limbs.

Nashbar could really do me a favour by NOT having these amazing sales all the time, just to drive me crazy. As I'm about to blow all my money on a house and wedding, I'd rather they had a few months of "Sorry! We're jacking up all our prices!!" promotions.

This is my cat Owen. Our orange one, Clarence, is cuter, but Owen has more personality. This cereal box was lying on the floor, inspiring him to take a running leap/dive into it, break through the other side, and then propel himself around the floor in the box for a while.

Annalise's cousin Mary came to Orillia a little while back, and using her nifty digital recorder, we made a couple music videos. They're all here on YouTube if you're curious. Being the suckiest, I just did two, but Mary and Annalise have four up there I think.

P.S., we tried, but our videos are quite as good as those from Feist:

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Smudgemo said...

Darn Nashbar. Well, except for the $17 Mavic freeride rims for the Xtracycle and the under $100 for a set of Ultegra hubs I got recently.