Tuesday, July 29, 2008

open letter to the guy who stole my bike wheel

Police in Toronto have recently recovered over 3000 stolen bicycles. An investigation into one notoriously shady bike shop owner has led them to all these bikes, and the "reuniting" process - owners coming in with proof of ownership - has gone very slowly.
I personally think that they're going to end up with at least 2500 bikes that they have to get rid of somehow. Traditionally, this would be done via a police auction, but even if they do this, I can't see them selling 2500 bikes.
Instead, I think that, in this age of active transportation, the cops should search for a good way to use these bikes, and my solution, despite the problem of annual costs, is for the province of Ontario to take these bikes and then hand them out to cities across the province to start up bike share programs. If municipalities balk at the ongoing costs, up the gasoline tax and give the revenue to the cities to cover the bike share program.

As the price of oil is sliding away from the $145.00 / barrel mark, Business Week has an article about whether or not oil should be cheap.
Expensive energy, in many ways, is good. Why? When the price of oil goes up, people will use less, find substitutes, and develop new supplies. Those effects are just basic economics. Things are so painful now, many economists say, because of the past two decades of cheap oil. Prices stayed low in part because they didn't reflect the full cost of extras such as pollution, so there was little incentive to use energy more wisely. If those extras had been counted, the country would be better prepared for both today's soaring prices and the day that global oil production begins to decline.

I wasn't really in love with this year's tour, probably because I was simply too busy to pay much attention, but I loved Sastre's attack on Alpe-d'Huez. Stay quiet for two and a bit weeks, make sure no one is even talking about you, and then, on a 210km day which has three climbs so tough they can't even be categorized using pro cycling's classification system, simply explode on the last climb and gain enough time on everyone else to win the tour. Mountains rock.


Jen B. said...

Use the bikes to start up a bike library!

dan said...

I second the bike library! Surely one of the bike organizations could help start up a bike library with all the bikes.

BTW, I had a good laugh on the topic of your post, I knew right off that it was a Kids in the Hall reference. Nice!

klompengirl said...

Ahh ha haha... I love that video :)