Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plus ca change

I just read this story about the nearly finished bailout of the Detroit Three automakers.

I love these points:
- A breakthrough came when Democrats agreed to scrap language — which the White House had called a poison pill — that would have forced the carmakers to drop lawsuits challenging tough emissions limits in California and other states, said congressional aides.

- Environmentalists already were livid that the measure draws the emergency loans from an existing loan program to help carmakers retool their factories to make greener cars.

So are North American governments REALLY going to take this opportunity to force the big three to turn green? They haven't pulled enough crap over the last 80 some years, so we're just going to shrug and say "Hey - keep up your lawsuits against cleaner air measures?"

Once we got the tobacco companies in a headlock we kept the pressure on them, are we not going to do that with the car companies?

plus ca change, plus c'est la meme

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Michael said...

Hi Tuco, Followed a link here from Eric Gee ( This may spike your blood pressure but it's not just the Americans who are funding the Big Three. Today's Globe & Mail page 1 above the fold: "Bailout to top $17-Billion Ottawa and Ontario to follow suit after U.S. rescue package".

Anyway since you live in the area, any advice for a planned ride around Lake Simcoe would be welcome. :)