Saturday, April 18, 2009

First road ride of the year

A post or two ago I mentioned the big snowfall we got in Orillia about two weeks ago. The weather then turned nice, but I didn't get out for a real ride until this morning when the local bike shop had their first large group ride of the season.

Almost as soon as we took off, I thought "yeah, I've missed this." Group road rides are so much fun - the sound of shoes clipping into pedals, Car Back!, trying not to look like you're trying to beat everyone up a hill, but not being able to resist and going ahead and trying to beat everyone up a hill - so awesome.

I rode the Trek 5000 that I picked up last summer for around $1200.00 Canadian, and maybe everything is going to be okay with this bike. I've never really been a Trek fan, and I don't love this bike, but it's fine and it works for me, plus I doubt I'll ever do the road mileage that I did a few years ago again, so there isn't much pressure to upgrade.

Not being a Trek purist I also don't really care about the big OLCV vs TCT debate that this bike stirs up in people. For the uninitiated, Trek was famous for making high-end carbon bikes IN AMERICA, when so many other companies were having their manufacturing done in Asia. The Trek TCT 5000, which is what I have, was Trek's attempt to sell bikes to people who wanted carbon but weren't willing to pay full price for it. However - and this is the problem - it meant having the bikes made more cheaply in Asia.

Yeah, that's a shame. But from my perspective, I got a carbon frame and an Ultegra / 105 mix (now an Ultegra, Dura-Ace, 105 mix) for the price that heavier aluminum bikes with a Tiagra / Sora mix sell at. I'm happy enough - plus, I have a mortgage to pay.

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Revrunner said...

Just got back from a USAT triathlon where I saw more Cervelos than I think I've ever seen before in one place. I don't even want to think about what those guys paid for them!