Sunday, April 19, 2009

What I drew from the water by the pond-side

So yesterday was road bikes and Oakley sunglasses, and today was single-speed commuter bikes and a camera dangling around my neck.

You can click on these photos to jump over to Flickr and try to see enlarged versions.


These shots were all taken on Orillia's Millenium Trail, which runs mostly north-south along the western shore of Lake Couchiching. It's a great great trail for easy recreational riding, but if you're a commuter who wants to get to and from work/shopping etc, it is completely useless, and there aren't any other bike trails to help you commute through this city (but we're working on it!)


This is the old workhorse - a Kona Hahanna (circa 2001) which is now a single-speed with Mavic wheels (though two different models of their wheels).


I took several shots of trees drinking from the lake, this is the one I liked most.


I bought a new camera recently because our previous one broke. The old one really was old, and had only 2 megapixels and a 3x optical zoom. The new one is a Canon PowerShot S5 IS which I snapped up when Future Shop here in Canada sold a bunch off at a pretty cheap price. The new camera isn't amazing or anything, but it is all that we need, and it's a massive jump in quality from our old one - this one is 8 megapixels with a 12x optical zoom.


The guy in this photo? He's also in the one above.... way way way off in the distance in the above photo. New cameras with powerful zoom capabilities are great!

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Ryan said...

Looks like a beautiful trail, however I can never figure out why Ontario cities (I suppose most of Canada for that matter) never make pathways that connect to different parts of the city for people can commute to work, school or shopping.

In credit to this city (St. Catharines) we do have a few off road trails/parks that connect to more major areas.